Industrial design is one of the cornerstones of modern manufacturing technology. Over the last century we witnessed a succession of increasingly complex machinery. But who is behind these “alien” technologies?

Metalcam SL – Fikus Visualcam is one of the leading players in the field of developing easy-to-use, automated and productive CAD (Computer Aided Design) / CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software.

Today engineering companies need to know how to move in this world of industrial design. Each firm has different needs depending on the type of production it has to deal with. These extraordinary experts of Fkus have told us how their high expertise comes from the ability to listen to every single feature and detail of the company. Only in this way can they be sure to create a system that can provide high performance and full customer satisfaction.

Actually, we work in totally different fields, but with a very similar philosophy of work. BrandYourShoes, like Fikus, to create a shoe that enhances the business image takes into consideration every aspect of the corporate character, the corporate image that is reflected outside (see how our designers work). In this way we know that we can create an exclusive and 100% personalized sneaker.

Do you know that our sneakers could have a lot of uses? We produced sneakers for bars like Boia Nit, or staff uniform at fairs like Honda, or created a promotional campaign for Accor Hotels and KLM. Do not miss our tips on how to use our shoes for companies or for hobbies.

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