Corporate gifts

Why should I take into account corporate gifts for companies and workers?

There is a way to get your brand to your customers and workers in a very effective way. We are talking about corporate gifts for companies. But what is it that you should know and what you should keep in mind about these?

What are corporate gifts for companies?

Your company must do an exceptional job in branding so that your brand is recognized among your customers. In the same way, your workers must have a sense of belonging to the company and be the first brand ambassadors.

A corporate gift, therefore, is an object or service that you give to your clients or employees in order to show appreciation. We all like to receive gifts, and in this way, you not only make your customers and employees happy, but you also end up doing a very important branding job.

That is why you should look for your corporate gifts to be fully functional. Enough of keychains or pencil holders. Useful objects make your brand much more appreciated and generate more value for both your customers and your workers.

What are the benefits of corporate gifts?

A corporate gift will make your customers or employees feel special and valued. Therefore, they will feel more related to your company, product or brand. In this order of ideas, when the person feels valued, and if the gift you give is fully functional, it will begin to use it frequently. And this is how emotional bonds between brands and people begin to be created.

Therefore, one of the main benefits of corporate gifts is a space in the minds of the people who occupy your brand. This generates a collective imagination that gives an excellent image to your company and that gives you the best possible place in the life of your customers and workers.

If the corporate gift is for your workers, this will have a very important impact on them. Not only will they feel important and appreciated by the company, but they will feel part of a workgroup. This will optimize its performance and also increase the sense of belonging of the workers generating loyalty.

What would be the indicated corporate gift?

When we talk about corporate gifts, a number of products or services that our clients and workers could use appear on the list. Keyrings, calendars, pens, agendas, or when it comes to services, the most frequent are trips. Many fulfill the function, and some are received with greater pleasure than others.

In Brand Your Shoes we want to invite you to use a corporate gift that is unique and that will also take the branding of your company to another level. Have you ever thought that the corporate gift of your company could be dressed? Have you ever thought about the comfort of your workers so they can better perform their functions? With us, you can design your custom shoes for your entire team. A corporate gift that will fulfill all the benefits that these may have.

Buy Sneakers

Tips to buy sneakers without failing in sizing

Everyone at some point has had a big problem with the size when going to buy sneakers. Why do we never hit on it? Those problems that should not exist in something that seems so simple but at the moment of truth is not so

It’s amazing, but buying sneakers can complicate our lives a good time. It is frustrating to have to return the shoe that you bought online because it did not carve the same as the last time. Has it happened to you already? Do not you find it strange that you have to review your old sneakers over and over again to know what size you are and still fail to choose it? In addition, all these sizing systems, the American, the British, the European, the Japanese, the Latin American.

To have an example of what this mess means. The size 41 that is very common in Spain is a 7 in the UK, but an 8 in the United States. Oh! As if that were not enough, the size for men and women is different in the latter. Who invented this? Well, these are some equivalences of sizes, but what if we look for a size 42 in Spain? It turns out that it only goes up half a point in each of the others since it would be 7.5 in the UK and 8.5 in the United States. This is just an example because there are many more measurements. Size 42 would be a 26.5 in Japan or a 7 in Mexico. Does your head hurt with so many numbers? Well, it seems to us that it should not be so complicated to buy sneakers.

How to buy sneakers without failing in sizing

All of these sizes are very, very complicated. So in order to offer the best branded shoes with the logo of your company, we have found an easy way to buy sneakers. It turns out that everything would be much easier if the measurement were given in centimeters, is not it? Our friends from iDSneakers Barcelona, ​​have made a template that could make your life easier and with which we can buy sneakers without missing the size.

How does it work?

We can know our correct size following some very simple steps. For this, the first thing you should do is download this template. Once you have it, you should print it, taking into account that the scale is correct, therefore, you must be sure that the printing is 100% accurate. The template has a small scale so you can check it where you should measure with a rule that is exactly 50mm.

It’s time to test the template. Fold or cut the template where the clipping line appears and place it attached to a wall. Put your heel that matches this line on the template. Once the foot is well placed, mark the end of your foot with a pencil. You will have the exact result of your size to convert between US (women), US (men), UK and EU. If the result of your sizing is between two lines, select the top size. What a great way to find your perfect size! Now you will not have more problems when buying sneakers and you will not worry more about this.

Corporative sneakers

Corporative but stylish | corporative sneakers

The image and corporate identity are part of the strategy of branding, communication and even marketing of a company. Many companies decide to show their best in big events, fairs or congresses. In this article, we try to show that the corporate does not necessarily have to be boring. That’s why we want to take branding to another level with our corporate sneakers and make your brand look corporate but stylish.

The right attire

How many times have you been in front of a mirror for hours trying to choose the right outfit for a special occasion? Do you use the same time and energy to make decisions about your brand’s corporate identity? Corporate sneakers could be a solution to many of the identity or recognition problems of your company.

An excellent outfit is qualified from head to toe. If your shoes are right, surely your style will be perfect. Did you plan to use branded shoes? Many companies have decided to use our shoes to dress their staff that attends fairs around the world. Put fashion and comfort at the service of your company so that your employees give the best possible image to potential customers around the world. So, do you take care of the image of your company? The right shoes will speak very well of you and your company, so with our corporate sneakers, you will look corporate but stylish.

Convenience and usability at the appropriate time

The events and fairs are the right places to make your business known. Large and small companies have spaces to promote their products and brand to potential customers. The corporate image plays an important role in this type of scenarios, as it will help your customers to remember your company in a positive way, creating in your memory an image of what your brand symbolizes.

Now, we understand that your employees will need to be comfortable not to affect their health, but stylized to represent your brand. Our corporate sneakers are the right product to make your image be perceived positively by your customers and at the same time provide comfort and safety to your employees.

Our branded shoes are designed to give the best comfort and at the same time make a branding work that would not be achieved in a better way. That is why many companies have decided to work with us.

How to start with our branded shoes?

At Brand Your Shoes we have a design team willing to work hand in hand with your company when necessary. In this way, we ensure that you transmit through your custom footwear the values, principles, and brand identity to take the branding to the next level.

Once you have decided and developed the right design for your branded shoes with our team, our production team will start the manufacturing process.

Are you ready to show your brand to another level? You can work with us to obtain a unique product, in which your company will always earn a lot. Join the select group of companies that have decided to take care of your image with BYS.

best gift for your next event

The best gift for your next event

Do you already know what is the best gift for your next event?

In this article, we will talk about some proposals that have been very successful for our clients. Since it has allowed them to impress their events, show an idea and sell an image, always looking for sobriety and comfort. We want to talk about what will be the best gift for your next event. All this has been achieved by bringing comfort, trends, and style at every time, without leaving aside the promotion of your brand through the events you do.

How have they achieved it?

The Brand Your Shoes team has found the best way to promote your company and give visibility to your brand. By means of a unique and exclusive gift that can also be a great instrument to carry out the activities of your events. For your convenience, it will also be the best gift for your next event. We are talking about shoes that BYS has designed for your company and that will be the perfect gift for your customers. Thanks to our extensive experience in the footwear industry, we know the best way to assess the corporate identity of your company and accompany you to perform the best activities at your events.

It has our extensive experience

We have a great track record in managing the corporate identity of companies. Trust us as other brands have done to take branding to another scale. You can also incorporate the shoes that BYS has planned for your company and for your customers. We want to put at your disposal a great variety of styles and colors that represent your brand. So that your corporate image is in your activities and reaches your customers as the best gift for your next event.

We want to make an invitation

Brand Your Shoes knows that you will have a special occasion, we talk about the next event for your company, and we want you to have in advance everything that deserves this great event. You count on our professionalism so that in your next event you will surprise your clients with the best gift. Take into account our brand shoes, personalized, with an original and exclusive style that will give the best representation of your brand. With your shoes with custom design, you will prove that you are original and exclusive to publicize your brand. But you will also notice it on the part of your employees who will notice the comfort that will allow them a better performance to carry out the activities in your next event.

We have a range of advantages to offer you

We not only offer you design, identity, and exclusivity. We also assure you that the shoes provide agility. Your company needs to have personnel with great control of the activities in an active and lightweight way. Therefore, your employees will be much faster with the shoes that suit your next event and make it the best gift for your next event. With our custom branded shoes, you can perform differents tasks being more efficient. And give the best impression to your customers and comfort to your workers. You already know what the best gift for your next event is!

Digital Enterprise Show Sneakers #DES2019SNEAKERS

The most important technology fair will take place this month in Madrid. The Digital Enterprise Show 2019 will take place from May 21 to 23. At Brand Your Shoes we have a reason to celebrate. We are once again part of one of the most important technological events. As happened at #4FYN and at MWC2019, Brand Your Shoes will be a special guest with their branded shoes. We will proudly be part of this fair with #DES2019SNEAKERS.

About Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid

DES is the leading global event dedicated to digital transformation. “Digital Enterprise Show is a place, where the synergy between knowledge and experience is achieved, where the new ways of making business, implementing new solutions and ideas arise.” They know how to define themselves very well and for us. It is an honor to be part of this exhibition that brings together more than 300 global top technology companies; 450 of the best digital experts in the world. An event where more than 21,000 visitors will learn about the technological advances of the companies. In addition to looking at what we do at Brand Your Shoes, as a company that has taken the digital transformation seriously.

# DES2019SNEAKERS the great contribution of Brand Your Shoes to DES

3 days of fair, an event that does not stop and that needs that many people. People that are working hard to be at the height of the place. To be truly comfortable, and easily recognized, with a spectacular corporate branding job, the entire event organization team will put on our customized sneakers. This is how we face the challenge #DES2019SNEAKERS. It is not a coincidence that major events and technology companies trust us to do a job that makes us proud. Due to our technological DNA, several important brands of the sector have already worn our custom branded shoes. Twitter, SurveyMonkey, Redhat, Odoo, Calldorado, among many other brands have understood the importance of being comfortable while elegantly carrying the corporate image on our feet. Not only the DES team will use our custom shoes, but also some of the guest speakers. And of course, Brand Your Shoes will have a stand in the entrance area of the conferences. We will proudly display our models, designed in Barcelona, handmade in Spain.

Branded Shoes, the best choice for events like #DES2019SNEAKERS

Fairs, congresses and all kinds of events are an important window to show everyone what we are, what we do and what we sell. On the one hand, this type of event requires a significant physical load. So, the people who organize them and those who are part of these should always be comfortable. And, on the other hand, by being a showcase to the world, we must show the best of our corporate identity. These fairs are the best place to apply corporate branding correctly. Our shoes are the first garment that someone sees when they look at our attire. Therefore, our branded shoes are ideal for a place where thousands of visitors will know your company. We identify with technology companies and that is why we are proud to attend the best events in this market in the world. We wait for you in DES-Madrid so that you know everything we can do for your company as with #DES2019SNEAKERS.
customized sneakers

Shoes are Boring, wear customized sneakers

Has your company stayed in the past? Do you still not experience a substantial change in the way you and your employees dress? Forget the old boring shoes, dress up fashion, feel cool, dress up customized sneakers. The world turns, time passes, our world is dynamic, and it is constantly changing. We evolve, we make things easier and faster. Do not stay in the past and start taking the corporate culture of your company to another level. Give your company a little fun and make your employees feel much more comfortable with our branded shoes.

Feeling the magic of customized sneakers

There are many benefits that your company obtains with our customized sneakers. Not only are quality sports shoes that improve the mood of your employees due to their comfort. They are very important pieces that tell a lot about the corporate identity of your company. Shoes are the first thing a person sees when they meet you. In your company, therefore, it could work quite well. The sense of belonging of your employees, the good image and everything that stylized branded shoes represent can make a difference. Taking your brand to another level, generating recall, corporate identity, good image to your customers, is all you expect from a good branding job. What better way to promote your company and your brand than with the same image that your workers reflect? Our customized sneakers will always be the center of attention.

Say goodbye to boring shoes, hello to your Customized Sneakers

At Brand Your Shoes we want you to express what you are. We want to see your image renewed. Fresh, safe brands that express the best of themselves through their image. So, say goodbye to the boring shoes and use the magic of branding to show your customers everything you are. BYS is a branding company with a vast experience in the footwear industry. We use our knowledge and expertise to help companies generate a strong corporate identity. We understand how important your brand is and that is why we want you to always carry it in your body. Have you ever considered that you could customize your shoes according to the identity of your company? Many already do it. Many use our shoes as a uniform, to represent the company at events and fairs, as a business gift, etc. Maybe you did not know or thought it was not within your reach, but with us, it is very easy. We have a great team of designers that will be willing to help you with your personalized shoes. You can always count on our support throughout the production process. You can even be part of the team designing your own custom shoes. Do not you believe us? Try our online tool to design your branded shoes. You can design them yourself or you can put everything in our team’s hands. If you want to know more about our work, you can review this guide. We are part of a new smart industry where we work to your needs. Custom designs for fun people and companies that want to take the branding to the maximum. Dress up customized sneakers and always carry your brand with you.
tech companies

Tech companies love sneakers!

Tech companies love sneakers! Of course, it is that tech companies have a more uncomplicated culture, which makes them more authentic. In recent years the pace of innovation and technological changes in companies have made these are more suited to the needs of customers. But, before taking care of clients, employees must be taken care of. Therefore, these companies go further with the comfort of their workers. Tech companies must be in continuous growth, innovation and change. This means that workers must be physically and mentally prepared to keep pace with our world. That is why they prefer sneakers. The sneakers give workers greater comfort and therefore greater performance. But this is not enough, these types of companies have understood the great power of branding. That is the reason why they prefer their customized branded shoes.

Benefits of branded shoes for tech companies

Comfort and freshness are important for workers. But not only that is the function of excellent branded shoes. Many times, your workers are the image of the company. That is why it is important that they are always showing the best of the company. Nothing better than sports shoes that show their sense of belonging to the company. Corporate identity increases and makes workers feel important. For technology companies, as for other companies, it is important to have a good corporate image. That is why many companies prefer Brand Your Shoes. A good work of branding, which highlights the values and corporate culture. All embodied in sneakers that your employees proudly wear. Employees who always will show security and confidence and who will feel very comfortable to perform their tasks at work.

Tech companies that chose us

There are already many companies that have dared to show their brand in an innovative way. Companies that express the best of themselves from their clothing. Companies that allowed themselves to be infected with an innovative spirit. With designs made in Barcelona and handmade sports shoes in Spain, these are some of the companies that already use their custom footwear. LetGo, Odoo, Alstom, Redhat, Sony, Calldorado, Survey Monkey, among others. What do these companies have in common? Its technological DNA, freshness and constant innovation make the difference. You might be interested: The KLM Amsterdam sneakers campaign Like these companies in the technology sector, your company can also have its branded shoes. Is your company ready to step hard and take a leap in branding? Sneakers fit perfectly with technology companies. What are you waiting for?

Brand Your Shoes, a company with technological DNA

At BYS we love technology. That is why we rely on technological tools to design and manufacture our Branded Shoes. Design your custom sneakers quickly and easily, know our online configurator here. We feel identified with these companies and that is why we seek alliances with the best companies in the sector. What’s cooler than being cool? Let this be one of the thoughts that lead you to use our Branded Shoes. We are ready for the changing world.
MWC 2019

How we did in MWC 2019

How a company like Brand Your Shoes is so successful to be invited to MWC 2019? Here we had told you that we would participate in this event that took place in Barcelona. Proud to be an innovative company in the sports footwear and branding sector. We gave our best to leave a positive image and for everyone to know our branded shoes. So then, this is what happened at the MWC2019 Barcelona.

What is the MWC 2019?

MWC is a giant world-famous event about communications and mobile that took place at Fira Barcelona. This event is considered the most important in the world in this sector. But how could Brand Your Shoes be part of an event of this kind? Despite being a footwear and branding company, we are a company with technological DNA. BYS is proud to be an innovative company that allows brands to take branding to another level with our branded shoes. However, it is also necessary to thank those who were our allies to be part of this and some other events. We can say that we have had a presence in important events such as MWC 2019 and #4YFN thanks to the support of ICEx and, as well as Acció. Public policies that help companies improve their competitiveness and show the world our work should be applauded.

Our online customizer, the favorite of visitors

Of course, we have the best branded shoes for your company. Of course, we are a shoe company and we are a branding company. Even so, our spirit at BYS is technological. Therefore, at MWC 2019, we had much more to show. Our online customizer was the favorite of those who visited us. We make you design your sneakers so easily that it surprises. Do you already know our online tool? Branded shoes are garments that attract attention. There is no doubt about the great branding power of our custom shoes. That’s why our online customizer was so successful at the MWC that it was held at Fira Barcelona. Did you ever think that it was so easy to design your custom shoes with your brand? If you have not yet made your designs, you can try it here.

Who saw us at MWC 2019?

Being in this event was a great showcase for Brand Your Shoes. Not only the visitors to the event could meet u. Some big brands and important characters passed by our stand to see our products up close. We had the opportunity to personally deliver a pair of custom unique sneakers to John Hoffman, CEO of the MWC. We want to congratulate John for the success of the event, and we invite him to return to Barcelona. Different technological companies were interested in what we did in BYS, so we do not rule out synergies and some kind of technological project. The future is today, and we are preparing ourselves to innovate more every day. Other outstanding visits were those of different councilors of the Generalitat, such as Elsa Artadi, Angels Chacón, and Jordi Puigneró. These types of events allow companies to show themselves to the world to start new businesses and sales globally. Brand Your Shoes stands out for its innovative spirit. Our branded shoes attract the attention of important brands and characters. Are you ready to take the step? We will guide you throughout the process so that your company has the shoes that let the world see your personality.