There are days of fire at the Montjuïc district at Fira de Barcelona, the car salon “Automobile Barcelona 2017” has gathered about 90 participating companies and the Connected Hub conference will bring together more than 70 conferrers from around the world to talk about the evolution of 4-wheeler transport, in a few words there is a lot going on.

Introducing Connected Street themes, innovation is served. We’re talking about Autonomous Driving – security solutions, vehicle connection systems related to the environment and innovations for assisted railing – eMobility – ecology and sustainability, electric cars, hybrids, load stops and superchargers – Connected Car – vehicles equipped with special technologies that tap into the internet providing additional benefits to the driver – Virtual Reality – a unique driving experience through advanced Virtual Reality systems, 3D glasses and displays.

On such occasions it’s good to leave a sign, something tangible and true. Honda believed in us and dressed the girls in its stand with our flaming sneakers. A name, a concept, a story, Honda sneakers are the new way to bring the brand on a new, more conscious and fortified level. A strong shoe for an equally powerful name.

It bet on a product still in timid market entry, implementing a change of image of the same hostesses.

I don’t know how many readers have ever had the opportunity to attend a motor showroom, but the most used outfits are heels, skirts, blouses, buxomness. Honda has aimed at the genuineness of a modern, comfortable and sporty uniform.

Our shoes are once again a branding tool that amazed visitors at the booths during fairs or events, they always have a great impact on the audience for companies. The BrandYourShoes imprint has again left an indelible mark.


Do you know that our sneakers could have a lot of uses? We produced sneakers for bars like Boia Nit, or created a promotional campaign for Accor Hotels and KLM. Do not miss our tips on how to use our shoes for companies or for hobbies.

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