Being creative involve the difficulty to overcome everyday the white sheet. To reach a single goal, you can find several roads. And on the contrary, with a road you can reach different goals.

A branding tool is a potential, our shoes have the peculiarity of being able to adapt to many uses, in this article we see some of these.

Businesses know how important it is to show their name and brand in the right way to be recognizable and easy to identify.

For many commercial activities the employees uniform is a distinctive feature, the clothes provide the image to customers of restaurants and shops. Perfect for HORECA sector and franchises that would have franchisees with a recognizable element.

In the HORECA channel we produced sneakers for bars like Boia Nit or restaurants like Jubany, or created a promotional campaign for Accor Hotels. Do not miss our tips on how to use our shoes for companies or for hobbies.

But not only at retail outlets, even during fairs and corporate events the image must be cared for. In a booth, where hostesses and stewards are put to the test for long hours, keeping the smile at the end of the day is difficult.

In both cases, a footwear employee with a comfortable and practical shoe will better manage working hours and will keep a more active presence during the day. If this shoe is then decorated with the corporate brand, branding and comfort marriage is soon made.

Leaving the company walls, a customized sneaker can prove to be a high quality gift for customers or associates, rather than employees.Previous


Here the case of breweries. A brewery, when distributing its products in bars and pubs, has direct competition with other brands as soon as customers open the menu to choose. The job that can be done to gain a prominent position is to equip the pubs with gadgets that carry the brand on a positive sight. A shoe created ad hoc for waiters could be a different way to propose the brand, enhancing solidity and added value.

So, how do you use your shoes?


Here the second part of the “Instructions”, don’t miss it!

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