We from BrandYourShoes we’re one of the many exhibitors at the 4YFN fair in Barcelona (March 27th – February 1st) . The 4YFN fair is an International fair to connect startups from all over the world.  We we’re able to show our shoes at the fair during these 3 days and it was a fantastic opportunity for us. It helped us a lot in finding new clients and showing what we stand for. The visitors of the fair could physically touch and see our products which made it able for us to show the quality and finishing of our shoes. We had our very own stand at the 4YFN where we could talk to clients, show our products and our online web-customizer. A lot of assistants liked the design of the sneakers and ordered the sneakers. The 4YFN was a very big fair with a lot Media, we also had quite a lot of Media attention, which is again good for the company.

was a great opportunity to show our products and to show the visitors of the fair what we stand for. It was nice to see that a lot of people liked our products. The 4YFN also helped us with a lot of us sales. It was a great opportunity for us to contact with investors and anounce them our project.  Our CEO had the opportunity to present the project in one of the exhibition rooms and he could also assist in the press connections. On  the 2nd of March, we also went to the main fair, the Mobile World Congress. We exchanged business cards with a lot of businesses there and made a lot of good contacts. There we’re a lot of major international tech companies like; Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG and many more. Just like us, they we’re all showcasing their newest innovative products. Exhibiting on these fairs was an eye opener for us and it showed us that we have great potential. We’re delighted with the result and we will definetily do this

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