Workwear Sneakers

Workwear uniform means 3 things: a corporate image, fashion and design. Why not including sneakers for your workwear uniform? Comfort reinforcing the brand and creating identity; from company employees to customers as well.

chaussures pour uniformes

Sneakers for Boia Nit waiters/waitresses; an innovative cocktail bar where its customers will always be surprised.

baskets pour uniformes

Can Jubany, a restaurant with a Michelin star. Quality in its kitchen and comfort in its workwear uniform.

chaussures personnalisées pour uniformes

Summer workwear uniform for Hotel Gran Bilbao. Comfort and happiness for the staff. Fresh and cool fabrics and comfortable sneakers to go with it.

If you know how you would like the uniform sneakers to be, kindly contact us and our design department will help you without any commitment.

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