A promotional gift can be used for different purposes. In addition to advertising a brand through customers, it can be a way to express your appreciation for your teams.

A promotional gift, as the name suggests, seeks to make a promotion of the company. It is a gift that consists of an item or a service

Items are usually the most frequent option because they are easy to obtain and while they are being used, the brand is given visibility. The most common examples of promotional gifts are pens, watches, computer accessories…etc. Although recently we are finding that companies are looking for gifts that have a higher value because of an unconscious relationship between item values and brand values

Promotional gifts that come in the form of a service, such as trips or life insurance, are typically granted as incentives to making certain purchases or offering references. This is most commonly seen now with influencers, athletes, or artists. Nowadays, more and more companies are offering promotional gifts to their employees because it allows the employer to express how they value their employees and therefore serves as a technique that helps retain talent.

If you want to thank your employees for their work by creating a feeling of belonging to a group and retaining the talent that you depend on every day, do not hesitate to use a promotional gift that is exclusive and original. At BrandYourShoes, we offer just that.

A quality gift that will leave a mark. Take corporate identity to another level. 

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