Why is it that when it comes to sneaker sizing, we never seem to consistently hit the mark? Well, it has to do with the fact that there are multiple factors to consider and perfect.

The most important of these factors is that all shoe models vary in their shape, and not all of them are apt for all people. To help with this potential issue, there are two efforts that are required. The first being the awareness that is required from us as consumers to know what our physical necessities are, and the second is the foresight that we need as suppliers to communicate recommendations based on our product knowledge. Combining these two efforts is the best way to save time and money for both the consumer and the supplier.

Whether you are a supplier or a consumer, conversions are a struggle. For example: European size 41 converts to a 7 in the UK and an 8 in the United States. Oh! As if that were not enough, the size for men and women also considered in the latter. Then there are half sizing details that I will not even get into. The good news is that customized conversion charts have been around for long enough to give us a hand. As a supplier, developing an accurate converter to have on hand is key. 


At BrandYourShoes, we have the honor of hitting every point of difficulty in the sizing process: International company, multiple models, bulk purchases, custom product, tight delivery deadlines (few/no replacements)! That is exactly why we are obsessed with the perfection of this topic. We need to ensure that our clients receive exactly what they need, when they need it, without exhausting them with documents. Here are methods we use:

  1. Understanding the end-use of our sneakers to ensure that the model that our clients choose is correct for their occasion.
  2. Knowing where they will be used in case our client is covering orders for multiple countries, so that conversions are considered.
  3. Provide a printable measuring template that can be shared with everybody who needs it. Our template includes everything: conversion chart, measuring instructions, recommendations for foot shapes.
  4. Including a sizing guide on our website, which offers an instructional video for our template so that no details are missed. 
  5. Keeping up with sizing statistics, to offer an easy alternative option for very large orders.

Want to see our guide for yourself? Check it out below! 

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