How a company like Brand Your Shoes is so successful to be invited to MWC 2019? Here we had told you that we would participate in this event that took place in Barcelona. Proud to be an innovative company in the sports footwear and branding sector. We gave our best to leave a positive image and for everyone to know our branded shoes. So then, this is what happened at the MWC2019 Barcelona.

What is the MWC 2019?

MWC is a giant world-famous event about communications and mobile that took place at Fira Barcelona. This event is considered the most important in the world in this sector. But how could Brand Your Shoes be part of an event of this kind? Despite being a footwear and branding company, we are a company with technological DNA. BYS is proud to be an innovative company that allows brands to take branding to another level with our branded shoes. However, it is also necessary to thank those who were our allies to be part of this and some other events. We can say that we have had a presence in important events such as MWC 2019 and #4YFN thanks to the support of ICEx and, as well as Acció. Public policies that help companies improve their competitiveness and show the world our work should be applauded.
Our online customizer, the favorite of visitors
Of course, we have the best branded shoes for your company. Of course, we are a shoe company and we are a branding company. Even so, our spirit at BYS is technological. Therefore, at MWC 2019, we had much more to show. Our online customizer was the favorite of those who visited us. We make you design your sneakers so easily that it surprises. Do you already know our online tool? Branded shoes are garments that attract attention. There is no doubt about the great branding power of our custom shoes. That’s why our online customizer was so successful at the MWC that it was held at Fira Barcelona. Did you ever think that it was so easy to design your custom shoes with your brand? If you have not yet made your designs, you can try it here.

Who saw us at MWC 2019?

Being in this event was a great showcase for Brand Your Shoes. Not only the visitors to the event could meet u. Some big brands and important characters passed by our stand to see our products up close. We had the opportunity to personally deliver a pair of custom unique sneakers to John Hoffman, CEO of the MWC. We want to congratulate John for the success of the event, and we invite him to return to Barcelona. Different technological companies were interested in what we did in BYS, so we do not rule out synergies and some kind of technological project. The future is today, and we are preparing ourselves to innovate more every day. Other outstanding visits were those of different councilors of the Generalitat, such as Elsa Artadi, Angels Chacón, and Jordi Puigneró. These types of events allow companies to show themselves to the world to start new businesses and sales globally. Brand Your Shoes stands out for its innovative spirit. Our branded shoes attract the attention of important brands and characters. Are you ready to take the step? We will guide you throughout the process so that your company has the shoes that let the world see your personality.

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