All of our sneakers are designed in Barcelona and produced in Spain, guaranteeing the best quality and comfortability. Have a look at our gallery to see some sneakers that we sold. Our main office is in Vic, 1-hour drive away from Barcelona, where we have our head workers and our design team. The producing team is in the factory where the handmade production takes shape. Our team of craftsmen makes sure that all the sneakers are the best quality possible and that the sneakers are comfortable. This process takes quite long, this is why our minimum order is 30 pairs.

It takes 40 days tomanufacture the sneakers, after this we can send it to where our clients want the sneakers delivered. All our production process is doing by manual. First of all, we prepare the production: search the specific color of your leather, trying which is the best way to adapt your logo on the shoe (printed, embroidery or piece of leather),  soles, shoelaces, all the materials we need to create your personalize sneaker. Then we should do a test for the logo and text application (personalization) to be sure all it’s going to be perfect. For us every client, every shoe is unique and it’s a new production, so in every order,  we start since the beginning. After all this we start the production, we make the personalization and then we fit all the pieces to create the final sneakers. As you can see on the picture, all the sneakers are handmade. This is to make the finishing of the shoes as good as possible and also to offer high quality. The craftsmen take their time in producing the shoes and they always amaze us with their work. The craftsmen only work with the best materials, also produced in Spain. These craftsmen have over 40 years of experience in producing shoes.

We use different types of materials for our sneakers. You can think of nylon, plush, leather etc. All our materials are also from Spain, with this we also guarantee the best quality possible. Also, we have so many different colors to choose from all the materials; this gives you the opportunity to create your design with your corporative color. Try it for yourself! Get creative, go to Full-ID custom and start designing your own sneakers!

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