Food is a vocation, but even the greatest cook needs the right tool to give birth to his masterpieces. Here’s how this story of fatigue and innovation begins.

“In 1924, two Belgian industrialists, Armand Desaegher (a casting specialist) and Octave Aubecq (an enamelling specialist), met at the Brussels Fair. They decided to create a foundry which would enamel various cookware items. In 1925, Le Creuset® was born and set up business in Fresnoy-le-Grand in Aisne, France. This was a strategic position for the company, at the crossroads of transportation routes for the raw materials of coke, iron and sand. This same year the first cocotte was produced.” [from Le Creuset History]

We’re used to dark and discreet pots. Instead, they never had a problem getting noticed! The bright and sunny colours have been the basis of their reputation and success in the market, coupled with the excellent quality of materials that allowed him a place in the heart of the French people.
After 50 years of activity, in 1974 Le Creuset bravely moved to America, beginning a decade of expansions to Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Japan.

Adding to this world is extremely fascinating to discover how after more than 90 years of activity, innovation is the focal point for improving the many products on the catalog. However, production techniques are still crafted, each pot has its own molde of sand and after use each mold is broken (meaning the sand is then recycled) meaning that no two pieces of Le Creuset are ever “exactly” the same.

The essence of brilliant colors has been the inspiration for an evocative shoe. We’ve been enthusiastically involved with this project, and now the Le Creuset team also has its own shoe.


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