Reflections on how everyday life is filled by a so simple as articulate concept as design. Speaking of design, you can splurge on different images, a more artistic and futuristic, a more sophisticated and detailed, or the one dictated by numbers and calculations that support a building. The design is something abstract and concrete at the same time, the designer’s task is to give form to what in their head already has a size and compactness. In fact, not always what is proposed is an immediate and clear element with an instantaneous impact.

Design is what the soul imagines, the mind thinks, the heart caresses and the hand shapes on a sheet.

This word describes “the act of creation and innovation“, a concept connected to the industry birth and to the human need to “make something beautiful”. At the beginning of the twentieth century, at the height of the second industrial revolution, the production of industrial items that could be pleasing to the eye had started to become the key perspective for mass production. In Germany the Bauhaus school of art together with the Ulm School of Design became the promoters of industrial design as a new, fresh and original movement. From them is derived a way of thinking which is located on the thin line that separates art and design. Art has always accompanied man life, now it’s applied in a new and innovative form. In the daily object is infused a new sense, a new vision of how usefulness and beauty can go hand in hand. The design and the applied arts such as industrial design, fashion, graphic, are part of the simplicity of our days to find in palaces, bridges, clothing, scarves, hats, comics, advertising, appliances, sofas, bathrooms, cabinets, lamps, etc. Those changes have characterized the evolution of fashions and ways to be surrounded by beautiful and pleasant things.

Ideas often kindle each other, like electrical sparks.

Friedrich Engels

Modernity is the word that is always with us. Modern fits into our lives changing it. Life changes as we get up in the morning and begin living our daily lives. It changes how we look at the city, out of the window. It changes how we arrive at work, at school, to the gym, to the beach, to the mountains. The change is what has driven our evolution, an energy that pushes to create positive, but also negative things, subjectively bad, to be improved for some people and good for others. The variety distinguishes humans, the ability to see in a single piece a thousand interpretative versions. It’s amazing thinking that each of us has independent thought, that wander alone, free from chains. And when all these “bubbles” explode into an emotion that unites everyone, then we are talking about art.

Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.

Frank Chimero

In BrandYourShoes we feel part of this movement, design has become the engine that moves our team and drives the hand of our designers. Every day we want to create something new and original, to mark a new point in the evolution of footwear graphics. We create new business ideas and we like to think that change is something that can be done always, anytime, anywhere. Art or design? From a few points of view we are part of both, what do you think?

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