How HGM And IBIS Hotels succeed thanks to corporate sneakers

How HGM And IBIS Hotels Succeed Thanks To Corporate Sneakers Unlike other official settings, hotels are organizations where the staff are always on their toes as mobility is key to getting the job done. This means that footwear like heels may be uncomfortable and serve as an hindrance to people doing their work. The answer to this, especially for HGM and IBIS hotels, lies in the use of corporate sneakers. Here are some reasons why corporate sneakers are important to organizations like this. 

Corporate sneakers are safer

With high heels and other type of shoes, it easy to trip or fall in an hotel. As it is, injuries from these falls contribute to majority of the injuries suffered by people in service employment. A simple way to reduce this is through corporate sneakers which are flat and comfortable and allows easy movement for anybody wearing them

Boosts work performance

 The role of shoes in carrying out the day-to-day activities in an hotel, or any organization for that matter, cannot be overemphasized. Wearing comfortable shoes like corporate sneakers ensure that your hotel staff perform better at their job. It takes them off the usual concentration on their feet that comes with wearing shoes that stress them. 

Simple, yet professional 

How you present your staff to your hotel customers matters a lot. Asides from their service delivery, their professional outlook says a lot about your hotel as a brand. Corporate sneakers offer you the chance to give your staff comfort without compromising on their professionalism. This is because customers are able to form opinions quickly from the slightest of things. You also want to keep in mind that a bunch of your customers come from online booking sites, where they go back to leave reviews after staying at the hotel. To ensure that your staff aren’t the reason they would be leaving negative reviews, you should consider making corporate sneakers a thing at your hotel.    

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