It is increasingly common that fashion firms, whether prêt-à-porter or haute couture, offer the possibility of customizing some of their products as an extra service for their clients.   Customizing accessories according to the preferences of each individual customer, allows a brand to be distinguished from the rest. And it also makes a bigger difference between stores, firms and models. To acquire an emblematic item designed by a certain brand is no longer enough for clients who look for exclusivity. Now they need to have the item customized to make it unique in the world. 

Customized mythical pieces 

This trend affects much more than fashion and we can even find customized cars. However, it is in the fashion industry where customization becomes both more interesting and profitable. We can find shoes, bags, belts or pieces of jewelry fully customized. Clients seek to move away from the group and avoid wearing the same things that most people use.

Customization allows us to stand out from others, be unique and also leave the mark of our own style on the objects that surround us. But we must know the difference between this trend and requesting small tailor made works from a brand or an artisan. Customization is an offer that many great brands make to personalize their products to the consumer’s taste. Many accessories that have become brand icons belong now to the group of articles perfect for customization. For example, Longchamp did it with his legendary bag Le Pliage. The brand launched an application compatible with laptops, tablets and mobiles, which let users design their ideal bag.

The application allowed a full customization, including the individual choice of fabric, shape and the preferred size (clutch, purse or shopping bag, among others), the colour among a wide range of tones, the type of closure and the handle. Other firms that have joined the trend are Prada with their Nautical, Fendi with his Baguette, Burberry with his famous scarves, Ferragamo with some models of shoes and Dior with his Dior so real glasses. 

Exclusivity through customization 

Customers who buy this kind of luxury items prefer exclusivity. This is why the most select brands must reinvent themselves in order to offer unique objects. The trend of customization is more than popular and it seems that it will stay with us for a long time. Actually, it is such a successful trend, that not only big brands have surrendered to it.

We can also find more affordable products that can become unique through customization. After all, low-cost stores sell the same clothes and articles to thousands of people every day, which does not allow us to distinguish ourselves from others. However, almost all of us like to express our style through our own combinations or even resorting to DIY. That’s why we love having some pieces made to meet our requests. In Brand your shoes you can start to stand out from the world, starting at the feet. Use our guide and design your perfect trainers starting from scratch.

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