Corporate gifts are much more than the ones we give to our friends or relatives. Corporate gifts are meant to, congratulate the recipients, as well as to improve the brand image of the company that delivers them. Benefits of making corporate gifts Corporate gifts are a part of a business strategy that extracts some very important benefits for the company but in a pleasant, subtle and non-invasive way.

  • Bigger presence of the company. Corporate gifts allow customers to be more familiar with the company through branding and corporate image. They are also a way to be in the thoughts of our users. This means that the visual impact and the message that corporate gifts transmit, can make our company’s place in our customers’ mind,  go one step beyond.
  • Customer loyalty. Corporate gifts are part of a very effective strategy to achieve customer loyalty and keep their interest in our service or product. And of course, it is a way of showing the most loyal customers our gratitude. In this way, we show them that we value them and that they are a very important part of the company.
  • Motivation for employees. Giving our team corporate gifts is a way to make them feel valued. A nice detail on specific dates makes employees perceive that their effort and work is rewarded. This acknowledgement will have an impact on a better work environment and greater motivation.
  • Improvement of internal communication. Company strategies often include certain incentives to encourage employee productivity. Corporate gifts with our logo or slogan, gives workers a professional touch. This helps to project a serious and impeccable image to potential clients. It also helps to convey the message or philosophy of the brand at a glance.

Slippers and clothing as an alternative These are just some of the benefits that corporate gifts can generate for our company. But if we still want to get the most out of them, get closer to the members of our team and reach our customers efficiently, it is important to choose an appropriate gift. Everyone has pens, agendas or personalized calendars. And those are fairly standard objects that do not cause a relevant emotional impact. That’s why at BrandYourShoes we propose a new concept: fashion in corporate gifts. Fashion garments are useful and necessary objects, and also a part people’s identity. Fashion is a tool to define ourselves, whether at a group or individual level.

We chose to custom shoes because as well as being practical, shoes are an original choice within the range of products that are often used as corporate gifts. They allow you to stand out in the market and pleasantly surprise the entire work team. It is becoming more common to personalize sneakers for specific campaigns or events and they have an excellent reception among the public. On our website you can design the final product yourself, choosing the model, color, logo design, slogan, etc. And if you need expert advice you can also contact us.

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