Discover our Full ID custom and design your 100% personalized sneakers.

On our website you can design your own sneakers with our brand new Full-ID customizer. It’s called a Full-ID customizer because you can fully design the sneakers to your preferences. You can find our Full-ID customizer on top of the start page. You can choose between our four different basic models: Classic, Retro, Urban and Vintage.


Once you’ve chosen your favorite model,  you can start choosing the colors on the different parts of the sneakers. You can apply your corporate colors on the shovel, the toe, the heel, the instep, the eagle and the laces. There is more! You can also choose between our different materials; nylon, cotton, leather or plush. If you wish, you can add text on the bottom or on the  back of the shoes.

BYS examples

And most importantly, apply your logo! It can be put in three different ways: embroidered, printed or a cut of a sewn leather skin. And of course, you choose the size and twist of this. Take a look at the video and see how easy it is!

In addition, to get a totally personalized package, we also give you the option of designing the tongue tag , the inside wrapping paper, the size sticker, the shoe box etc. For all these personalization options, contact us!

KLM campaign BYS

Get creative and start designing your own sneakers. In case you want to get a design specially made for you, our team of designers wil be happy to send you proposals of any model you like. All you have to do is click on ‘’we design’’ and we’ll take care of the rest!           

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