The Next Web, or known as TNW, has been the place to share, invent and advance tech developments since 2006. From the very beginning as a blog, now it’s a proper company built on five pillars: TNW News, TNW Deals, TNW Conference and Events, a new tech hub for start-ups called TQ and Index, the market intelligence platform.

It’s an annual event that recalls in Amsterdam the largest companies, that are the web queens and right on the web they have created their own empire. Just to name some “unknown” names: Airbnb, Amazon, WordPress, Groupon, Skype, Spotify, Uber, and can continue.

And what’s the purpose of BrandYourShoes team here? As special infiltrators, we had a stand that has given us many satisfactions. Oh yes, because BrandYourShoes wasn’t simple one of the registered companies, it was selected to participate in TNW and among many others it has been chosen. It’s always exciting to see how much our work attracts the attention of a huge varied audience, being always elegant and modern everywhere.

Prince Constantijn van Oranje

A rocking team photo

BYS stand, little but powerful!

We were enthusiastic about a meeting organized by Generalitat de Catalunya for Catalan companies, an occasion to meet local investors and share knowledge. And in the general confusion our CEO Guillem also spoke a little bit with Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands! In this occasion as an entrepreneur and not a member of the royal family, he’s working as an envoy for StartupDelta, an hub for Dutch start-ups and capital investors.

In similar events, you can walk normally past to Gillian Tans (CEO Booking), Purna Virji (Senior Manager Microsoft), or David Karp (Founder and CEO Tumblr). Extremely stimulating was attended the conference held by Snapchat’s strategic director, Imran Khan.

Guillem surrounded by Transformers!

In short, many emotions, so many contacts, a wagon of technology and young, dynamic energy. Life has the power to go through ever-new and surprising shapes. Here we were testimony to how technology is one of these forms, our lives are provoked, overturned and moulded in unimaginable ways. Human being is wonderful in its immense creativity and inventiveness. In a world that seems to have given us every kind of innovation, the improvements never cease to amaze us.

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