Did you have to second guess this brand’s name? I’m guessing not. Why? Because their signature yellow does most of the work for them.

The time to define what color to wear or use can become a difficult decision. However, it pays off greatly. So, what does it take to choose the correct colors for your brand?

  1. First step first, establish your identity.
  2. Now, all you need is consistency. Research the meaning of colors and their psychological effects, match it with your established identity, and find the perfect fit as a primary option. I would consider this is the hardest step!
  3. Now, it’s time to build on it. Branding content requires options, just think about all of the branding content that is required for a website or even for a brick & mortar store. Choose at least 2 colors that accentuate the primary and serve well as secondary options.
  4. Last but not least, neutrals. Neutral colors are like the “salt & pepper” to this process. You could easily get away with plain black & white options, but well-paired neutral tones take it up a notch and compliment the rest of your color options.

The relationship between colors and brands will always be a love story. A co-dependency that requires careful thought and consideration. Just like any good love story, it shouldn’t be complicated. Schweppes is a perfect example of how simple (they sell tonics – fresh and crisp, cold and slightly bitter, like a lemon – yellow) this process can be. The pay-off? We don’t even have to see their entire logo on the side of these sneakers to identify them. Want to see some more examples? Follow the link below to our gallery!


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