Donettes Zapas

Brand Your Shoes and Donettes Zapas campaign

Donettes, the famous brand of small donuts has made a great campaign for its Instagram fans in Spain. His followers could win an excellent prize. The Donettes Zapas, a limited edition of sneakers with illustrations inspired by the hobbies of their followers. Once again, our branded shoes are the center of a successful advertising campaign. With the help of Brand Your Shoes, Donettes has created their own limited edition Branded “Zapas” and has given them to their followers through a contest on their social networks.

The design of the Donettes Zapas

Inspired by the hobbies of his followers, Donettes has designed unique sneakers, which faithfully represent the principles of the brand. Its corporate colors and fun strokes of genius so that many would like their limited edition branded shoes. Few brands like Donettes have that connection with their customers. So, the design as the campaign has been a total success. I also want my Donettes Zapas!

The background of the campaign, what did they have to do to win their “Zapas”?

Obviously, this was not a meaningless campaign. Beyond the publicity and recognition of the brand by Donettes, this was a very emotional campaign. Do you have that best friend that you do not see for a long time? Okay, Donettes was going to make you meet that friend again and give you both their great sneakers.

And for that, it was very easy what you had to do. The mechanics were simple. You had to take a picture with your delicious Donettes, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #AmigosDelDonetting and tag your friend in the photo.

We already know what happens when you give your followers the possibility of creating content. Instagram began to fill with friends wanting to meet. After this great mountain of photographs, a team of juries of Donettes chose the 50 lucky winners of the gorgeous “Zapas”. The most creative took home the spectacular prize. Now we know that the Spaniards, besides having creativity, are crazy about the Donettes!

Even more gifts

The contest was held in the months of November and December of 2018. And for the 50 lucky winners, there were still more surprises. Well, among the winners who come together and upload their photos together, the most creative will be chosen. Thus, the winner and his friend would have one year of free Donettes!

This is how we feel at Brand Your Shoes

We loved this campaign of Donettes. But what has amazed us the most is having been part of it. These great brands continue to teach us why good management of corporate identity is so important. With this gift, Donettes, in addition to driving his followers crazy by uploading photos, made that connection with consumers tighter. Many of them will feel identified with the brand, perhaps, for the rest of their lives.

In Brand Your Shoes we want to continue being part of this type of campaigns and taking your brand to the next level. Learn more about our Branded Shoes and how you could use them for your company here.