Shoes are perhaps the most important garment of your daily attire. Shoes are one of the first things we see in people’s clothing. This garment talks a lot about you. You can give an excellent first impression thanks to your perfect shoes. But unfortunately, shoes are not forever, and you can not have new shoes all the time either. However, you can do everything possible to make your shoes look like new always and you can enjoy them as long as possible. I will show you some tips to clean your shoes. Let’s start.


We need to give true and very accurate information. First you must understand that these branded shoes are not high performance. Follow these tips.

About using it

1. Do not use the same shoes every day. Change them at least two or three times a week. Remember, Sneakers are not high performance, avoid their wear.

2. Always wear socks with the sneakers, and if possible, made of natural fibers. Socks help to have good moisture control, both water and sweat. The durability of the shoe materials is improved. Wearing socks is not only good for the good maintenance of your shoes, but also to maintain the good health of your feet. These are a good support for your ankles, it can reduce swelling and help in blood circulation.

About your health

3. It might be silly, but it is very important. Tie your shoelaces for better grip. This will prevent deformations in the shoes and will help you to keep the foot in a correct position, avoiding pains at the end of the day.

4. Check regularly the wear of the sole and heel. If the side of the heel wears easily, see a chiropodist. We take your health seriously. The fact that there is greater wear on one side than on the other, gives us reasons to think that you should visit a professional. The chiropodist will treat the problems of your feet and help you with their care and the relationship of these with the rest of the body.

Now clean your shoes

5. Most of these sneakers are combined with leather, make sure to follow these washing instructions:

  • Do not put in the washing machine or drier.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Leather: colorless or the same color wax can be applied.
  • Nubuck / Split leather / Suede: can be protected with protective sprays or powders.
  • Nubuck / Split leather / Suede: clean with soft brush or hard sponge.
  • Dark suede frames can be fade if they come in to friction with light colored pants or socks.
  • Do not submerge in water.
  • Do not let your shoes in the sun.
  • These instructions are usually on the labels of the shoes; however, they are commonly ignored. We recommend that you follow these instructions to ensure long life to your shoes.

6. The last but not the least. Clean your shoes every night before storing them. Do it by following the instructions above. Keeping shoes always clean, even when they are stored, will ensure that they look like new for much longer. Do not forget that in Brand Your Shoes you have a team always available for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products. Also know our guide and our online configurator.

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