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Customization, a promising trend

Customization is a promising trend. In fashion, the DIY concept (Do It Yourself) is booming. The trendiest is to customize all kinds of clothes to turn them into something unique, original and exclusive.


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After the great success and warm welcome of the IBTM WORLD 2017 in Barcelona this 27th and 28th June BrandYourShoes will be exhibiting for first time in Olympia London at the Meetings Show.


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How to use our sneakers – part 2

Do you already know how to use our shoes? Continue reading and we will surprise you. If you lost the first part here you can read it.

We’ll see the creativity as far as it can go.



3 times on the Top: where success is taught

To succeed you need business acumen, but the study shouldn’t be ignored. In Navarra success is taught in class, IESE has been ranked as 1st in the world for 3 years in a row for its Executive Education Program.


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Jubany: where the food becomes art

Food serves to live, but combined with unexpected variations turns into one of the greatest pleasures of life. Nandu Jubany has made this philosophy the diamond tip of his restaurant that for more than 20 years continues to surprise Catalan tastes.



How to use our sneakers – part 1

Being creative involve the difficulty to overcome everyday the white sheet. To reach a single goal, you can find several roads. And on the contrary, with a road you can reach different goals.

A branding tool is a potential, our shoes have the peculiarity of being able to adapt to many uses, in this article we see some of these.



Be successful: 5 tips to learn

A precise formula to become a winning start-up doesn’t exist and that’s a fact, you have to take into account the variables of the entry market, how the identified target behaves, how the competitors act and in the meantime optimize the management of costs and revenues.



Innovate: are we really capable of doing it?

Innovation as a flow of thought, a way of life, to have a daily goal that helps you grow.

Nowadays to emerge in the market and earn a position worthy of being called so, you need to have an idea that leaves the mark. In the business world doing innovation means doing start-up, but doing start-up is nothing more than solving problems.