MMR has been cultivating for 25 years the passion for bicycle races, the company Sports Lifestyle from the town of Áviles in Asturias created it. An active group that made its dream came true by realizing competitive high quality bikes: the MMR (Machines Made for Racing).

Its team has reached levels of good importance in the cycling world. A team breathing like a single soul and has sealed this spirit in a shoe that unites the group. It’s fascinating to be able to observe the power emanating from such dedication and passion, the path of these guys to reach high levels is heavy and not always lucrative, but resuming the same words of the founders:

“Where others find an obstacle, we see the way for the finish line.”



Four guys form the Mountain Bike Team with an outstanding presence in the World Cup and in the best Spanish trials. David Valero and Pablo Rodríguez will be in charge of representing the MMR Factory Racing Team in the XCO World Cup, while Daniel Carreño and Israel Nuño will be the specialists in long distance races. Followed by the technical staff, they showed us how fatigue and sacrifices are a source of long-term satisfaction and stimulating to chase our daily dreams.

Their hard training sessions have been inspiration to our designer for a customized sneaker that can accompany MMR at each stage of the training and the races, till the podium.

Do you know that our sneakers could have a lot of uses? We produced sneakers for bars like Boia Nit, or created a promotional campaign for Accor Hotels and KLM. Do not miss our tips on how to use our shoes for companies or for hobbies.

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