KLM Amsterdam sneakers

The KLM Amsterdam sneakers campaign

Some brands take branding and marketing to another level. Not all companies know how to reach their customers in a very positive way. People reject advertising in most cases because they interrupt. However, some ads fall very well, call your attention and you love them. Today we will tell you about a truly successful campaign. The KLM Amsterdam Sneakers, a successful campaign in which Brand Your Shoes is the protagonist.  

A brilliant campaign

It was the year 2017. And there was a campaign that broke records on YouTube in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. These were the countries selected to make this a spectacular idea. Many aspects were taken into account to make this a powerful campaign. What was it about?  

Designed for Amsterdam.

KLM was founded in Amsterdam in 1919. They owe everything to this city. A city that in comparison to cities like Paris or London is quite compact. You can cross it walking in 35 minutes! So, you could visit and get to know Amsterdam on a weekend. And best of all, you can do it on foot.  

That’s how the KLM Amsterdam Sneakers Campaign was made.

Knowing that you can walk Amsterdam. KLM put our products at the center of their campaign. The airline allowed its customers to buy our branded shoes, with the purchase of tickets to Amsterdam from cities in Scandinavian countries. KLM Amsterdam sneakers was an immediate success. The design of the sneakers was prepared for the city. With a durable design for long walks. Superior cobblestone grip. Rain and spill-proof exterior. Design for both, day and night. And best of all, by wearing the KLM Amsterdam sneakers you would have free entrance to the best attractions in the city.  

Other information about the campaign

There was a whole world around the KLM campaign. In addition to the advertising on YouTube, more videos were produced explaining the campaign. A website with a large amount of information was also developed. You could find maps, museums, places to know on their website. All the information you needed to visit Amsterdam. Of course, the places you had free entrance for using your KLM Amsterdam Sneakers. Sales increased exponentially, thousands of visits to the website and much more recognition of the brand. The campaign received several awards in the United States and Europe. And in addition, the money from the sales of the sneakers was donated to the charity. They were more than € 5,000 to Unicef.  

Let’s Walk!

Now you can see one of the many uses that our branded shoes can have. At Brand Your Shoes we are happy to work on your company’s campaigns and events. Little by little, you begin to understand the great importance that the good use of branding can have. It is not necessary to make a great campaign like that of KLM, it is simply necessary one thing, passion. Love for what we do. Count on us to give the best-branded shoes to your employees or clients. Let’s Brand Your Shoes.
Donettes Zapas

Brand Your Shoes and Donettes Zapas campaign

Donettes, the famous brand of small donuts has made a great campaign for its Instagram fans in Spain. His followers could win an excellent prize. The Donettes Zapas, a limited edition of sneakers with illustrations inspired by the hobbies of their followers. Once again, our branded shoes are the center of a successful advertising campaign. With the help of Brand Your Shoes, Donettes has created their own limited edition Branded “Zapas” and has given them to their followers through a contest on their social networks.

The design of the Donettes Zapas

Inspired by the hobbies of his followers, Donettes has designed unique sneakers, which faithfully represent the principles of the brand. Its corporate colors and fun strokes of genius so that many would like their limited edition branded shoes. Few brands like Donettes have that connection with their customers. So, the design as the campaign has been a total success. I also want my Donettes Zapas!

The background of the campaign, what did they have to do to win their “Zapas”?

Obviously, this was not a meaningless campaign. Beyond the publicity and recognition of the brand by Donettes, this was a very emotional campaign. Do you have that best friend that you do not see for a long time? Okay, Donettes was going to make you meet that friend again and give you both their great sneakers. And for that, it was very easy what you had to do. The mechanics were simple. You had to take a picture with your delicious Donettes, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #AmigosDelDonetting and tag your friend in the photo. We already know what happens when you give your followers the possibility of creating content. Instagram began to fill with friends wanting to meet. After this great mountain of photographs, a team of juries of Donettes chose the 50 lucky winners of the gorgeous “Zapas”. The most creative took home the spectacular prize. Now we know that the Spaniards, besides having creativity, are crazy about the Donettes!

Even more gifts

The contest was held in the months of November and December of 2018. And for the 50 lucky winners, there were still more surprises. Well, among the winners who come together and upload their photos together, the most creative will be chosen. Thus, the winner and his friend would have one year of free Donettes!

This is how we feel at Brand Your Shoes

We loved this campaign of Donettes. But what has amazed us the most is having been part of it. These great brands continue to teach us why good management of corporate identity is so important. With this gift, Donettes, in addition to driving his followers crazy by uploading photos, made that connection with consumers tighter. Many of them will feel identified with the brand, perhaps, for the rest of their lives. In Brand Your Shoes we want to continue being part of this type of campaigns and taking your brand to the next level. Learn more about our Branded Shoes and how you could use them for your company here.
Brand Your Shoes

Great brands already trust Brand Your Shoes

Customize your shoes according to the identity of your company is something that large companies already understand. The great brands know the importance of good management of corporate branding. So, they bet on good actions that show their identity. Some great brands already trust Brand Your Shoes. The shoes you wear say a lot about you. Actually, such a basic garment shows the world what you are. Your identity, your personality, your desires, what you represent. That is why you must transmit originality, be unique and show everyone the value of your brand.

Great brands that already trust us

This is understood by the big companies and the big brands. Some of them have seen a great opportunity in our Branded Shoes. We are not all looking for the same. However, our branded shoes can be adapted to the different needs of each company. That is why multinational companies such as Honda, Twitter, RedHat, and Sony already trust us. Even when the use of footwear is very different according to the needs of each of these brands. These great brands are just some. Others, such as KLM or Accor Hotels, have not only used our branded shoes. They have the custom sneakers of Brand Your Shoes in the center of some of their campaigns.

Brand Your Shoes: Different needs, different uses

One thing is clear, as we had said, we do not all have the same needs. However, you can get many benefits regardless of the use you want to have of your branded shoes. The use in events is one of the most important for our clients. Your brand will be well represented at your next event. You will show originality, you will be the center of attention and your brand will have maximum visibility. We recommend our branded shoes for this use because your employees will be much more comfortable. Prepare your brand and yourself for those special occasions. Put comfort and courage to match those unique shoes. In our previous post “Your next event will be more comfortable for your workers with our branded shoes.”, We tell you everything you can achieve in an event with our sneakers designed as you like. Do you want to give a good gift to your employees? Retain talent with an excellent promotional gift. Many companies give out pens. Other some discounts on products or services. Take the promotional gift to another level. You can achieve a greater identity of your employees with your brand. Your brand will get great benefits and your employees will be very happy. You might be interested in “How to retain talent with the promotional gift?

What are you waiting for?

As you can see, there are several uses and benefits of branded shoes. Now, do you understand why great brands already trust BYS? It is easy to see the potential of our products. The best is the ease with which you can get them. Contact us, you will have at your disposal a team of designers that will be at your services. Use our online configurator and generate the design you need to make your brand more visible. Take the corporate identity to another level. In Brand Your Shoes you have one more ally.
MWC 2019

Brand Your Shoes was selected to be at the MWC19

Brand Your Shoes was selected to be at the MWC19. That’s it. Brand Your Shoes is an innovative company in the footwear and the branding sector. We are in continuous innovation. We are not just a footwear company. Brand Your Shoes has a technological DNA. that’s why some of the best innovation and technology events are interested in giving us space. So, it is an honor to represent Catalonia and Spain in important events around the world.

Reasons to be proud

What is the MWC19? Where will it take place? MWC is the acronym of Mobile World Congress. A giant and world-famous event around mobile communication that takes place in Fira Barcelona. It is considered the most important in the world in that sector! But, what does a brand like Brand Your Shoes do in this type of event? Thanks to our spirit of innovation and a technological DNA that is demonstrated for example with our online configurator. We are honored to be part of this type of events. We show companies that can go further and have greater visibility of their brand. So, we are waiting for you at Fira Barcelona from February 25 to 28. We will be happy to show our innovation potential. See you at MWC19.

Other events

We will not only be at MWC19. Brand Your Shoes travels the world revealing a different idea. Promoting a product that will make your business unique. That is why we will continue to be present in this type of event, representing innovative companies of Catalonia and Spain. As has happened on previous occasions, for example, the #4YFN of Los Angeles 2018. Where many people like actor Wesley Snipes were interested in our branded shoes. Further, this year we will also be present in Madrid at the DESMadrid 2019 (Digital Enterprise Show). This event will be held from May 21 to 23 at the IFEMA Madrid. Of course, we also wait for you there. We invite you to meet us in each of these events. BYS also promise to represent very well each of the Spanish innovative companies. We will continue innovating and giving the best of ourselves. Developing tools that help us go further.

Enjoy our online configurator

There was never an easier way to design your branded shoes. Never before was it so easy to put your logo on some sneakers. Never before has it been so easy to connect your employees with the values and principles of your company. With our online configurator, you can design the desired version of your branded shoes in a fast, dynamic and fun way. With a simple but powerful tool, we allow you to do it easily and simply. Know our tool and put your brand in a garment that will make you look unique and sophisticated. Click here to learn about our online configurator. We love this tool. We have developed it to make communication with our customers easier. BYS also have a step-by-step guide that will help you understand it better. And we have already talked about our tool here, review it whenever you want. Brand Your Shoes is delighted to put at your disposal a great human team. People who will help you get the most out of your branded shoes. And of course, we will be quite comfortable with our BYS sneakers.
promotional gift

How to retain talent with the promotional gift?

The promotional gift can be used as a tool for different purposes. In addition to serving to advertise a brand through customers, it is also a way to show appreciation to your workgroup.

What is a promotional gift?

A promotional gift, as the name suggests, seeks to make a promotion of the company. It is a gift that consists of an item or a service. The items are usually the most frequent option because they are easy to obtain. In addition, while they are used, a brand is given visibility. The most common examples of the promotional gift are pens, watches, computer’s accessories, coasters or other kitchen utensils, etc. However, nowadays we are looking for gifts that have a higher value because unconsciously. We can relate the value of the item with the value of the brand. When a promotional gift comes in the form of a service, the most common are trips, vehicle cleaning or life insurance, among others. This type of gifts is usually granted to intermediaries as wholesalers or to final customer when they make a certain purchase. Also to influencers or opinion leaders such as athletes or artists and to potential or current clients when making references. However, nowadays more and more companies are using the promotional gift for their own employees. Since it allows them to feel valued within that, it is a technique that helps retain talent.

What is the promotional gift for?

The reason why a promotional gift is offered to employees is to show appreciation. However, in order for these to fulfill their function, they must be practical for those who receive them. In addition, it is convenient that they are original, so the traditional ballpoint pen will not achieve the objective pursued. The more original the promotional gift is, the longer it will be preserved. As long as they have it, the persons in question will remember why they received it. That which will make them feel special and valued. It is convenient, therefore, that the promotional gift is adapted to the personal taste. In this way, it will have a positive impact on self-esteem. When a worker feels valued within an organization, their performance increases. In addition, we achieve that it is committed to the company itself and we encourage loyalty to it. In this way, we retain talent in our company. Obtaining a promotional gift also favors the feeling of belonging to a group, very important in the workplace. To contribute to team building, it can be the same for the entire staff. Thus, the union image will also be seen from the outside. The retention of talent is very important for an organization. This type of people represent to a large extent the values of the company and show their commitment to it. If you want to thank your employees for their work, create a feeling of belonging to a group and retain talent. Do not hesitate to use a promotional gift that is unique and original. In Brand your shoes we design custom shoes with different styles. A quality gift that will leave a mark.
Clean your shoes

6 tips to clean your shoes | How to clean your branded shoes?

Shoes are perhaps the most important garment of your daily attire. Shoes are one of the first things we see in people’s clothing. This garment talks a lot about you. You can give an excellent first impression thanks to your perfect shoes. But unfortunately, shoes are not forever, and you can not have new shoes all the time either. However, you can do everything possible to make your shoes look like new always and you can enjoy them as long as possible. I will show you some tips to clean your shoes. Let’s start.

6 Tips to clean your shoes

We need to give true and very accurate information. First you must understand that these branded shoes are not high performance. Follow these tips.

About using it

1. Do not use the same shoes every day. Change them at least two or three times a week. Remember, Sneakers are not high performance, avoid their wear. 2. Always wear socks with the sneakers, and if possible, made of natural fibers. Socks help to have good moisture control, both water and sweat. The durability of the shoe materials is improved. Wearing socks is not only good for the good maintenance of your shoes, but also to maintain the good health of your feet. These are a good support for your ankles, it can reduce swelling and help in blood circulation.

About your health

3. It might be silly, but it is very important. Tie your shoelaces for better grip. This will prevent deformations in the shoes and will help you to keep the foot in a correct position, avoiding pains at the end of the day. 4. Check regularly the wear of the sole and heel. If the side of the heel wears easily, see a chiropodist. We take your health seriously. The fact that there is greater wear on one side than on the other, gives us reasons to think that you should visit a professional. The chiropodist will treat the problems of your feet and help you with their care and the relationship of these with the rest of the body.

Now clean your shoes

5. Most of these sneakers are combined with leather, make sure to follow these washing instructions:
  • Do not put in the washing machine or drier.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Leather: colorless or the same color wax can be applied.
  • Nubuck / Split leather / Suede: can be protected with protective sprays or powders.
  • Nubuck / Split leather / Suede: clean with soft brush or hard sponge.
  • Dark suede frames can be fade if they come in to friction with light colored pants or socks.
  • Do not submerge in water.
  • Do not let your shoes in the sun.
  • These instructions are usually on the labels of the shoes; however, they are commonly ignored. We recommend that you follow these instructions to ensure long life to your shoes.
6. The last but not the least. Clean your shoes every night before storing them. Do it by following the instructions above. Keeping shoes always clean, even when they are stored, will ensure that they look like new for much longer. Do not forget that in Brand Your Shoes you have a team always available for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products. Also know our guide and our online configurator.
Branded Shoes

Your next event will be more comfortable to your workers with our branded shoes

Have you ever spent hours and hours thinking about the right attire or the right shoes for a special occasion? Which one is better? Which one is more comfortable? Right. If this happens to you as a person, it surely happens to your company and your workers. Have you ever thought about this? That is the point. We hope that after reading this article, you understand that at your next event, your company will be much better represented, and your workers will feel much more comfortable with our branded shoes.

Preparing for the special occasion.

Your next event will be that especial occasion for your company. So, let’s be prepared for the next step. We already know clearly what the right attire is, our branded shoes. And we are not just talking about identity. With your customized branded shoes, you will prove that you are original and exclusive. But still this is not all. Let me show you some benefits that you will surely want to have at your next event.

We put the comfort and courage to bring unique shoes for that special occasion for your brand.

Sneakers are synonymous with comfort and ergonomics. It is very common for workers to spend long hours standing at events or even in the workplace. Sneakers are the best option in these cases. You can prevent knee and back pain with those types of shoes. They adjust to the feet in a natural way and allow you to be much more comfortable to resist those long days with the best attitude. Sneakers give you agility. Your company needs proactive and agile employees. Your workers should not stay static all the time. So, your employees will be much faster with the right shoes in your next event. With our customized branded shoes, you can perform tasks with greater efficiency. Who does not like an effective and efficient person? You already know which is the right footwear to achieve it. Show your courage. Wear the appropriate shoes for your next events. Firmness and courage. All the attitude of the sneakers in combination with your brand. Firmness, stability, confidence, are the properties of your branded shoes. You and your workers will enter stomping in all your events. These benefits will make your workers feel more comfortable, more secure and above all, they will be full of confidence. Make your workers happy people and they will transmit happiness to your customers.

How to get the best branded shoes?

Brand Your Shoes allows you to create and design the best combinations for your sneakers. Your brand will be very well represented at fairs, congresses and all kinds of events. Try our Online Configurator. You can design your own branded shoes with our tool. Selecting the style, color, logo, materials. Everything as you wish it. Learn more about our Online Configurator tool by clicking here. A whole team of designers will help you in the process. Learn more about the way we work through this guide. So, let’s brand your shoes.
Brand your shoes online

Brand your shoes online | Play with our online shoe customizer

Are you looking for branded shoes? Do you know how to customize your sneakers? We have a really good tool to customize and brand your shoes online. This is the easiest way to design your sneakers in less clicks than you think. Our configurator tool allows you to design and brand your shoes online. You decide which style, color and material is the best for you and your company. But that is not all, you can put written text beside the logo. How will you do that? Let’s know about the customizer tool step by step.

Online Configurator – Brand your shoes online step by step

First at all, to visit our online configurator Click Here. Then follow the next steps.
  1. Choose your style. You can choose among the following models: Classic, Retro, Urban and Vintage. Which one is better for your company? Choose the best one according to your corporate identity.
  2. Brand it! Upload your logo to add it to the design of the shoes.
  3. Select your colors and materials. Select the right color and material for each part of the shoes. Quarter, vamp, heel counter, eyestay, heel tab and laces can have a different color. Select it according to your logo and make the best combination. Nylon, cotton, leather or plush can be selected as materials. It depends on the part you are customizing. Bonus! You can add text to your branded shoes in this step. You can do it in the lateral or in the rear.

That was easy… What else can you do?

Just three steps! You have a nice design of your shoes now, easy and fast. Share your design in the social media, so, your work team and friends can approve it. What happens if you and your friends like the colors but do not like the chosen model? You can change it without losing your design. Even, I have a proposal for you! What if we do it more democratically? You can make as many designs as you want, saving and retrieving them whenever you want, then your work team can vote which one is their favorite, do not forget to share them on the social networks. Also, you can design it wherever you are, whenever you want. Our tool is enabled for design from any device: computer, tablet, mobile.

You will never walk alone

When you want, we put at your disposal a team of designers to help you design the best sneaker with your brand. The configurator is a really good tool with which you can show us your design and what you want for your branded shoes. But you are not alone, we can help you as many times as you consider it necessary. Once the design has been made, our production team will validate your proposal and it can be manufactured. You can contact us whenever you want. Our sales department will contact you shortly so you can explain what you need and start working immediately to shape your customized shoes. So, get to work, use our online configurator tool by clicking here. Do not forget to share it on social networks. Tag us to show us your designs. Let’s brand your shoes.
Workwear sneakers

Workwear sneakers | What benefits will it give to you?

Anybody who’s worked in cocktail bars, restaurants, and hotels can confirm that you’ll pass through several miles and landmines during a regular shift. You will need shoes that can perform the dual duty of resisting whatever comes your way. And maintain your comfort while being on your feet for several hours. This is why you need appropriate workwear sneakers for your workplace.   Restaurants, cocktail bars, and hotels are hazardous to work environments for workers. Due to the number of different hazards in some places like the kitchen. Whether it’s stovetop combustions, razor-sharp penknives, extremely hot frying oil, workers will face several dangers while at work in the kitchen or similar places. Safety plans and rules that include wearing a protective workwear sneaker are important for preventing injuries while working.   Basically, the following are the benefits of choosing a suitable workwear sneaker for working environments such as cocktail bars, restaurants, and hotels:  

It protects your feet from spills and splatters

No matter how a restaurant or cocktail bars are managed, different things will certainly end up on the ground. For instance, combine those grease slicks, melted ice cubes, and lemon wedges with a server balancing entree for many tops and you will get a formula for disaster. Workwear sneakers will easily protect worker’s feet from all forms of spills and splatters.   Lately, a study by Emory University discovered that food service workers in restaurants and hotels have a sixty percent increased rate of occupational injury than employees of other industries. For workers of restaurants, cocktail bars, and hotels, workwear sneakers are non-negotiable. Actually, if you don’t have a rule that makes your workers put on workwear sneakers while on duty, enforce one immediately. In addition, protecting your yourself and your workers from injury is a great way to protect your business.

Piggy Safety

Anytime you’re anxiously digging through a store or the walk-in to fill up a store, you can easily lose your grip and drop a weighty container or vessel on your feet. For restaurant employees, grease splish-splashes and hot oil are another danger that workwear sneakers protect workers from.   Most people know and understand the risk of wounding or burning their hands. But dropped ingredients in the kitchen can also injure your feet and legs. To sidestep a visit to a hospital, for an injured toe or third-degree burn. It is important to have protective workwear shoes that can resist different forms of impact.   Overall, workers can avoid the majority of the common dangers in places like hotels, cocktail bars, and restaurants. By putting on slip-resistant workwear sneakers and using slip-resistant rugs. Slips and falls are noteworthy issues in almost every type of environments related to restaurants. This can be avoided by wearing workwear sneakers. A recent research proved that workers using protective footwears like workwear sneakers were half as likely to be injured. In comparison to other workers without workwear sneakers. These safety footwears will protect workers by covering their feet and reducing slips and falls.