KLM Amsterdam sneakers

The KLM Amsterdam sneakers campaign

Some brands take branding and marketing to another level. Not all companies know how to reach their customers in a very positive way. People reject advertising in most cases because they interrupt. However, some ads fall very well, call your attention and you love them. Today we will tell you about a truly successful campaign. The KLM Amsterdam Sneakers, a successful campaign in which Brand Your Shoes is the protagonist.  

A brilliant campaign

It was the year 2017. And there was a campaign that broke records on YouTube in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. These were the countries selected to make this a spectacular idea. Many aspects were taken into account to make this a powerful campaign. What was it about?  

Designed for Amsterdam.

KLM was founded in Amsterdam in 1919. They owe everything to this city. A city that in comparison to cities like Paris or London is quite compact. You can cross it walking in 35 minutes! So, you could visit and get to know Amsterdam on a weekend. And best of all, you can do it on foot.  

That’s how the KLM Amsterdam Sneakers Campaign was made.

Knowing that you can walk Amsterdam. KLM put our products at the center of their campaign. The airline allowed its customers to buy our branded shoes, with the purchase of tickets to Amsterdam from cities in Scandinavian countries. KLM Amsterdam sneakers was an immediate success. The design of the sneakers was prepared for the city. With a durable design for long walks. Superior cobblestone grip. Rain and spill-proof exterior. Design for both, day and night. And best of all, by wearing the KLM Amsterdam sneakers you would have free entrance to the best attractions in the city.  

Other information about the campaign

There was a whole world around the KLM campaign. In addition to the advertising on YouTube, more videos were produced explaining the campaign. A website with a large amount of information was also developed. You could find maps, museums, places to know on their website. All the information you needed to visit Amsterdam. Of course, the places you had free entrance for using your KLM Amsterdam Sneakers. Sales increased exponentially, thousands of visits to the website and much more recognition of the brand. The campaign received several awards in the United States and Europe. And in addition, the money from the sales of the sneakers was donated to the charity. They were more than € 5,000 to Unicef.  

Let’s Walk!

Now you can see one of the many uses that our branded shoes can have. At Brand Your Shoes we are happy to work on your company’s campaigns and events. Little by little, you begin to understand the great importance that the good use of branding can have. It is not necessary to make a great campaign like that of KLM, it is simply necessary one thing, passion. Love for what we do. Count on us to give the best-branded shoes to your employees or clients. Let’s Brand Your Shoes.