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Can’t stop the future: TNW!

The Next Web, or known as TNW, has been the place to share, invent and advance tech developments since 2006. From the very beginning as a blog, now it’s a proper company built on five pillars: TNW News, TNW Deals, TNW Conference and Events, a new tech hub for start-ups called TQ and Index, the market intelligence platform.



Honda smashed them all!!!

There are days of fire at the Montjuïc district at Fira de Barcelona, the car salon “Automobile Barcelona 2017” has gathered about 90 participating companies and the Connected Hub conference will bring together more than 70 conferrers from around the world to talk about the evolution of 4-wheeler transport, in a few words there is a lot going on.


Accor Hotels

Accor Hotels and its rocking sneakers!

BrandYourShoes is thrilled to announce that we worked together with Accor Hotels, a popular hotel chain present in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa. We’re very proud to have worked with them on their original communication strategy.READ MORE

Fashion about sneakers!


This spring everything is allowed, from models that have already become classics, such as the Adidas Superstar, to some new surprise, such as the Basket Heart of Puma. It’s up to you to choose the model that fits you the most.

2016 has been the year of the sneakers. In the midst of the Athleisure trend boom, and with that nostalgia for the ’90s that fashion lives on, millennials have rescued classic sneakers as new style icons. The Cortez of Nike have returned to the feet of publishers and influencers, Old Skool Vans live a golden second age and even luxury brands have been inspired by the trend: let’s see if not, the white shoes of Gucci.


BYS Configurator

How we make “customization” our core…

In a world that evolves and always requires something new and inspirational for the consumers’ fantasy, BrandYourShoes has decided to go into the world of customized sneakers. A proposal that has no equal on the market.


Branding 1

A focus on Branding

Branding is using the name of your brand in order to promote your products or services. But, why is branding so important for companies?

First of all, branding is something that goes way beyond a logo or a graphic element. The picture businesses want to sketch when you see their brand isn’t only thinking about the company itself. Their goal is to make you think of everything in the firm, from the social media experience to the logo to the customer care etc.


Configurador BYS

Everyone’s talking about customization!!!

Well, maybe we should talk about it more, don’t you think so?

It’s so good to handle an object that has been created for you, which takes the shape of your hand, or your hips, or that responds to your voice and taste.