Our most common questions!

What does “Full Customization” mean?

We customize any part of the shoe by choosing from different raw materials and colors, as well as applying the perfect customization technique to make unique sneakers with your brand guideline. We can do this because we manufacture each tailor-made order on demand, which means that your sneakers are first customized by their parts and assembled by hand with a no-stock system, allowing you to choose even the color of the stitching!

How many models do you offer?

We actually offer 10 sneaker models including trendy and classic options, as well as branded socks and flip-flops. More are coming soon!

How much do they cost?

Prices mostly depend on the model that you choose and the quantity that you need. Feel free to contact our Sales Team for further information.

What is your MOQ (Minimum order quantity)?

Our production starts at only 30 pairs(same model & design) for Europe and 40 pairs for the rest of the world.
For all countries, we offer replenishment orders(same model & design) starting at only 25 pairs.

What is your lead time?

We take approximately 40 days to produce and deliver orders according to production slots. If there was any variation in this, our team would ensure that it was communicated in a timely manner.

Can I order more of a previously purchased shoe?

Once you have made your first order, you can order it again any time. These orders start at just 25 pairs of the same model and design.

How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend on the country of delivery and order quantity. Our sales department will inform you according to your project.

How can I get a discount?

Buy in bulk: the more you order, the lower the price!
We offer a price scale for orders up to 200 pairs. For order of over 200 pairs we offer a personalized quotation which takes into consideration your order details and offers you the best deal.

How can these sneakers be used?

Customized sneakers could be part of a staff uniform or can be used as a corporate gift for your employees or clients. They are perfect for clubs as fan merch or to compliment personnel uniforms. They can be for students or university sports teams. They can even be to create your own unique collection of shoes or provide a symbol of unity to your group of friends with whom you share a special hobby. The possibilities are endless!

How do make sure to get the right size?

We offer a wide range of sizes to ensure that all our clients can use the sneakers. We have created a size converter to measure your exact size according to our models. If you have further questions about sizing, please consult with our sales team for recommendations. Our team is experienced in guiding our clients for projects of all sizes and complexities, they are prepared with statistics for recommendations and know all the details of our models.

Can I change the sizes after ordering?

Once you confirm the sizes of your order, you cannot edit them. Our products are tailor-made just for you. We recommend ordering some extra pairs with each order.

Can I return a customized shoe?

Our products are tailor-made just for you. We cannot accept returns except for manufacturing defects.

I do not have a logo; can you help me with creating it?

Our designers are at your disposal if you do not have a logo or do not know how to design your shoe. We can help to create your corporate identity by collaborating with you in the design process.

What materials do you offer?

We have several options to combine the materials and customize your shoes such as: Nappa leather, suede, nylon, cotton, synthetic leather options for vegan materials and recycled textiles.
Feel free to ask our sales department for a technical sheet for the model that you are interested in to see all the options for that model.

Can I choose the colors that I want?

Yes, we offer a wide selection of colors to customize your sneakers. If you have a specific color request and want to ensure its accuracy, please speak directly with our sales department and we will do everything we can to make it happen.

Do you offer a Kid’s model?

Yes! We have a model for kids. Contact us and we are going to inform you about the details and how to get started. Contact us.

How could my shoes be?

We have SO many possibilities! Contact our team for design proposals or check out our social media profiles to see some of the sneakers that we have created in the past. Feel free to use any of the images as inspiration for your own designs.

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