General conditions

Confidentiality – BRANDYOURSHOES, SL expressly recognizes the confidentiality of the information received during the project. Therefore, BRANDYOURSHOES, SL agree not to disclose to third parties the content of the information received from the client except those third parties necessary for a correct development of the project.

Project ownership – The customer is the sole owner of the Project and responsible for the design after paying the entire invoice. Rejected proposals and / or payment pending projects remain the property of BRANDYOURSHOES, SL.

Design implementation- BRANDYOURSHOES, SL makes the implementation of design chosen by the customer is as accurate and precise as possible in the colors and proportions. However, the color chart of materials is limited. For this BRANDYOURSHOES, SL. cannot guarantee that the end result is exactly equal to the design presented to the customer. 

Intellectual property The customer is the only responsible for the brand name, logo, design and electronic information delivered to BRANDYOURSHOES, SL and declares that all data provided belong to them and/or have the rights for use in this project. 

BRANDYOURSHOES, SL have the right to produce samples of this design for our internal showroom. 

Image of sneakers-The customers authorize BRANDYOURSHOES, SL to use the sneakers and the logos and designs of this at events, social medias, and other medias. 

Payment and interest-The invoice must be paid within the terms agreed in the budget. If the terms are not respected, BRANDYOURSHOES, SL reserves the right to add an interest of 10% per year and an additional 20% penalty of the total budget. Nonpayment automatically gives the right to finish the contract are in progress by BRANDYOURSHOES, SL. 

Jurisdictional authority -The Spanish law it’s going to govern the sale, even when the customer is established in another country than Spain. In case of any dispute, only the court of Barcelona shall be able and competent to decide the matter.

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