Everyone at some point has had a big problem with the size when going to buy sneakers. Why do we never hit on it? Those problems that should not exist in something that seems so simple but at the moment of truth is not so

It’s amazing, but buying sneakers can complicate our lives a good time. It is frustrating to have to return the shoe that you bought online because it did not carve the same as the last time. Has it happened to you already? Do not you find it strange that you have to review your old sneakers over and over again to know what size you are and still fail to choose it? In addition, all these sizing systems, the American, the British, the European, the Japanese, the Latin American.

To have an example of what this mess means. The size 41 that is very common in Spain is a 7 in the UK, but an 8 in the United States. Oh! As if that were not enough, the size for men and women is different in the latter. Who invented this? Well, these are some equivalences of sizes, but what if we look for a size 42 in Spain? It turns out that it only goes up half a point in each of the others since it would be 7.5 in the UK and 8.5 in the United States. This is just an example because there are many more measurements. Size 42 would be a 26.5 in Japan or a 7 in Mexico. Does your head hurt with so many numbers? Well, it seems to us that it should not be so complicated to buy sneakers.


All of these sizes are very, very complicated. So in order to offer the best branded shoes with the logo of your company, we have found an easy way to buy sneakers. It turns out that everything would be much easier if the measurement were given in centimeters, is not it? Our friends from iDSneakers Barcelona, ​​have made a template that could make your life easier and with which we can buy sneakers without missing the size.

How does it work?

We can know our correct size following some very simple steps. For this, the first thing you should do is download this template. Once you have it, you should print it, taking into account that the scale is correct, therefore, you must be sure that the printing is 100% accurate. The template has a small scale so you can check it where you should measure with a rule that is exactly 50mm.

It’s time to test the template. Fold or cut the template where the clipping line appears and place it attached to a wall. Put your heel that matches this line on the template. Once the foot is well placed, mark the end of your foot with a pencil. You will have the exact result of your size to convert between US (women), US (men), UK and EU. If the result of your sizing is between two lines, select the top size. What a great way to find your perfect size! Now you will not have more problems when buying sneakers and you will not worry more about this.

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