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Your branded shoes for events, exhibitions or projects

Every person involved in the active running of a business targets an achievement. However, achieving something great for a business, maybe in the presence of public indifference and aggressive competition is another issue on its own. Creative marketing can help with this and getting branded shoes for events is a great way to promote your business. Sometimes, you need to take a step outside the impersonal mass media marketing procedures and customize your exhibitions, branding campaigns, and advertising campaigns.

Sharing branded shoes for events to customers, potential customers, business associates, and the public can be an active process of personalized marketing. There are many motives for this.

Most importantly, stylish and well-designed shoes are things that will be appreciated by people. Decent, trendy, high-quality branded shoes for events are surely not something that someone will throw away easily, but it is something they will value and keep.

If the branded shoes for events are designed with your logo, then those customers, those business associates, and those employees at your exhibition or campaigns won’t forget your company anytime soon because they will remember your company any time they put on their branded shoes. And a well-designed and stylish branded shoe for events signifies more than branded product -it represents style, longevity, and quality of your company itself.

Furthermore, the important questions to consider are the type of events where you can present your branded shoes for events and who you must offer your branded shoes? Beneficiaries of these branded shoes for events are divided into two categories. Persons that received shoes designed with leather, and people who receive casual shoes. And all of these classifications are targeted at a particular event such as an exhibition, branding campaigns, and advertising campaigns.

Leather branded shoes for events work perfectly as a personalized present, present them to important clients, to crucial and important associates of the board of another company, and also to members of the town council. If you add your logo to these shoes, finely displayed, and imprinted in the leather, or on a metal strip placed on a chain, your impact with these influential ladies and gentlemen will rise exponentially. Obviously, when branded shoes for events are offered to such individuals, the value and design of your branded shoes must be flawless. But with people like these, the beneficial impact of these presents is undisputable.

On the other hand, casual and sports branded shoes for events are for everybody, and can be presented at sports exhibitions, or some athletic occasions associated with local colleges. And certainly, they can also be shared at marketing events such as advertising campaigns and branding campaigns.

Despite the fact that the elite leather shoes are appropriate for important members of the society, the casual shoe presents your logo on the street where everybody can see it. Sponsor a local marathon and distribute these branded shoes for events, and your logo on these shoes will be seen by many individuals.

promotional presents

Fashion and promotional presents are the new couple

A common promotional strategy now is to give out fashion items as promotional presents. It is pragmatic that by receiving better presents, the clients or business customers and workers lean towards developing approachable connections which may be pretty beneficial to a business. When you give out good quality promotional presents to your clients and employees, the target is to get the interest and consideration of these people for your brand.

When fashion items are used as a promotional present for customers and workers, they are presented as the tokens which are given to these targeted individuals to make them understand that they play a vital role in the development of the business. By receiving these promotional presents, the clients, the workers, and even business customers will remain loyal to your company. It is a known fact that there is barely someone that doesn’t like getting a present.

The thought of getting something in exchange of nothing normally makes people happy. This is also one of the reasonable explanations why a promotional present will be usually received and loved by every customer and employee. Fashion gifts can be classified as simple and useful things that are important to business customers or clients. This is a lovely way of appreciating your workers and customers for their support for the growth of your business. On the other hand, it is also a great way to promote your products and services to the public. Distributing promotional presents as fashion items are considered as an indirect way of reaching other customers and also thanking your existing customers and workers. These promotional presents make them feel cherished and thought after, and this is the major reason why most people will gladly accept such items.

Furthermore, promotional presents such as fashion items have a great impact on your organization when given to employees. It is well-known that most employees like to be offered a promotional present. These items are an excellent way of encouraging or inspiring your employees to get more customers or even getting their commitment towards your company. Since these promotional presents are useful for the receivers they are seen as thoughtful gifts. They make the workers feel they are being appreciated for their efforts when they are offered such items. Fashion promotional presents are also used as a reminder for the workers of the company about the goals of the organization. Accordingly, it is noticed that these items work as an immediate hit among the workers of any organization.

Finally, it is a known fact that promotional presents like fashion items really offers great value to your customer or business clients because they are useful. Hence, these promotional items will make your customers understand that they are not being deceived with dishonest statements or fake promises, but they are being compensated genuinely by giving such valued gifts. Eventually, this will make them recommend the products and services of your company to others, which is advantageous for your business.

christmas present

Are you Looking for the Best Christmas Present for your Workers? | Brand your Shoes

Christmas is getting closer, we all like the warmth of the festive season, the get-togethers, and exchanging Christmas presents with the friends, workers, and family. Santa Claus is on his way and this season is one of the most cherished moment every year, so it is important to shop all the Christmas presents to appreciate the efforts and contribution of your workers to the progress of your organization.

If you need Christmas presents for your workers, buying branded gifts is highly recommended, because branded gifts offer several benefits for your business and it will be useful for the workers. From the list of many gifts which are attractive, getting Christmas presents that won’t benefit your business is a total waste of money and time. Hence, branding your gifts such as shoes for your workers is good and offer the following benefits:

Affordable: Most of our shoe branding services offer a large range of Christmas presents at reasonable prices. Our shoe branding main focus is on the quality of the branding and not the price. Also, you will have several varieties of designs to choose for your workers.

Support Local Business: Branded Christmas present is a worthwhile choice for any type of business. You can select the design which suits your business from the list of our attractive designs. These designs will you offer you the chance to connect with your workers and customers. This will have an impact on the brand promotion through a low-priced medium than the alternative methods of advertisement.

No Gender or Age Restriction: Branded shoes as Christmas presents are for everybody. From the large range of gifts, it is important to focus on gifts which are not restricted because of gender and age. Such gifts include shoes and it is acceptable by everyone especially when they are simple and attractive.

Online Shopping: People get worried about the quality of the products ordered online. But, in the case of branded shoes, you should be less worried about your Christmas present because the quality of these gifts will be generally determined by you. Hence, you will be able to save your money and time because you be receiving what you asked for.

Exciting and Interesting: The variety of the designs gives you a customization option, which allows you to customize your Christmas presents exactly the way you want it. These are the best choice for your workers and you will be able to show that you appreciate them.

Unique Design: If you are the type that hates copying other designs; you can choose something which separates you from the crowd in a good way. Brand your Christmas present with a unique design that will give your workers the feeling that they are important.

Finally, branded Christmas presents are meant to show your thoughtfulness and appreciation towards your workers. At the same time, in the present business world, these presents can be an influential brand-management tool for your company.






training shoes

Training shoes: The perfect gift for your work team

Have you thought about giving training shoes to your employees or work colleagues? If you have a work team or a group of providers who are important to your business, it’s a nice gesture to give them a small gift to thank them for their commitment.

Reason for giving a gift to your work team

If you also want to be original and set yourself apart from the customary gift mug or classic office materials, training shoes are the best option. These are also customised trainers, making the gift much more symbolic and giving it a greater significance.

Giving the workforce a corporate gift is a gesture which companies like to do to congratulate someone or to show their gratitude. It can also be part of a corporate communication strategy. It is very common to give your clients a gift (pens, calendars, diaries, mats, etc.), particularly at certain times of the year. But why not do the same with your work team? This simple gesture will show them significant consideration and that you respect their efforts, which will also motivate the employees.

There is also a practice which is becoming increasingly popular in many businesses, particularly when they manage to recruit much-required and sought-after personnel. This is to give a welcome pack to the new recruits. This gives a big incentive for the new employees who are joining the family. This custom was first acquired by prestigious brands. They realised that the first people whose loyalty they needed to foster was their own staff, and that this had to be done right from the start so that the new staff member would develop a positive emotional attachment to the company, even on that first day, when we all feel a bit nervous. Obviously, the idea of lavishing a small gift on employees is not exclusive to the larger companies. It is something that works whatever the business model.


TRAINING SHOES: The perfect gift

A corporate gift can be as original and creative as you want it to be. The only thing it needs to do is achieve its objectives. What are these? Well, to impress your employees and to make them feel that they are part of the common project, that is, the company. Additionally, if it is a practical and original gift, like a pair of training shoes, success will be certainly be assured.

When choosing the type of gift, you first need to think of who it is meant for. Think about what they may appreciate the most. By doing this, you will demonstrate that you have thought about that person and their importance to the work relationship that you have established.

For this reason, the more exclusive a gift is perceived, the better, because it gives the impression that it is a special gift for a special person. That’s why personalising the training shoes is such a good solution. It allows you to do something different, surprising and original. And you can transform an item of daily use into something that is both unique and different.

On our website we have a very easy and intuitive customiser on which you can try things and play around to create different designs for your personalised training shoes. If you prefer, our design team can create a training shoe that transmits the character of your brand. Don’t think about it any longer. Get in touch with us. Give your work team a surprise this year.

customised trainers

The benefits of wearing customised trainers to fairs

Wearing customised trainers to fairs, conferences and other events is becoming an increasingly popular trend. The times when this type of footwear was only used for playing sport are over.


Benefits of wearing customised trainers to fairs

Today, we see them all around us daily, in all situations, whether going out for a drink, for work or for different events.  Trainers are very comfortable shoes, they are also very versatile and can be adapted for any situation. But, apart from that, having customised trainers for fairs has other benefits that cannot be ignored.


  1. Ergonomic health

Wearing a good sports shoe during the working day improves your posture and cushions your step. In this way, you avoid back and knee pain. Also, as it is a soft and flexible shoe it respects the shape of your foot and prevents the formation of deformities such as bunions. As the foot is held in a natural and comfortable position, it also improves the functioning of other organs, such as the pancreas, the kidneys and the liver.


  1. Fun, self-confidence and closeness

The variety of brands and models in existence today is astounding, and we can choose the most appropriate for each occasion. They can be combined with any type of outfit, whether formal or more urban. Depending on the image we want to create. Additionally, if we customise our trainers, they will become something unique, exclusive and original, even our own identity symbol.


  1. A feeling of assertiveness

Choosing to wear customised trainers to fairs gives you a greater level of self-confidence. When all is said and done, all the stability in your body is derived from the firmness of your step. So, unconsciously, the security that you get from comfortable footwear is transmitted into your attitude.


  1. Wear wellbeing

The comfort of wearing customised trainers for fairs and concerts gives you a feeling of wellbeing and agility which allows you to be more productive. They also make you feel happier and less tired.


  1. Greater speed

Wearing comfortable footwear, such as customised trainers, allows you to move around with greater speed, something which is very necessary at events like fairs. You will also be much quicker and efficient in the tasks you need to carry out during the day.


  1. Emphasise your style

As we said before, using sports trainers has become a trend throughout the world for any activity throughout the day. You can combine them with your uniform or your usual office attire and give your look a different touch of style. Wearing customised trainers for fairs is, without a doubt, a symbol of wellbeing and attitude.

Brand Your Shoes allows you the option of creating your own customised trainer design for fairs, conferences or other events. The printing is carried out through dye sublimation. This is a technique that provides the greatest level of quality for this type of work.  You can choose any type of image in whatever range of colours you prefer and reproduce it on one or many parts of the shoes. Make your work wear stand out with the print emblem of your choice, without sacrificing comfort. 


personalized sneakers

3 Benefits Of Bringing Personalized Sneakers To Exhibitions

For any fashion brand, exhibitions are a great way to make a statement and tell the world how unique you are. However, beyond the display of your items, you need to ask yourself the question: why would anyone want to be interested in my display? For a sneaker maker, the question remains the same. Over time, we have discovered that the answer to this important question lies in how personalized your sneakers are. In case you’re wondering how, we would be highlighting below some of the benefits of bringing personalized sneakers to exhibitions instead of generic ones.


You’re giving people exactly what they want

The sooner you realize this, the better for your brand. And this is the fact that a bulk of the people out there want to design their own sneakers. They do not want the same sneaker they’d find on the regular John Doe. It is basic human instinct to want to be different from others. As a sneaker brand, personalized sneakers at exhibitions bring you closer to your potential customers. This is for the simple reason that they can relate to them better, wanting you to make their own sneaker designs for them.


More Income

Generally, personalized sneakers are usually more expensive than the generic ones. Because you’re making sneakers just for them, clients understand that they need to pay more than what generic sneakers would cost. Exhibiting these samples at events give you a higher leverage at boosting your income. If you charged a certain amount for generic sneakers, personalized can give you the chance up to 50% or more, depending on your customer and the level of customization you’re doing.


Build loyalty over time

Assume that an individual has been looking for a certain type of sneaker design for a long while but have been unable to find it. And then at an event where you’re exhibiting, they come across a sample of just what they want. Should you be able to provide them with an exact design of what they want, you can be sure that you’ve gained their loyalty over a period of time.

It doesn’t end here. Now, nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing. When people can testify to other people that your personalized sneakers are really good. From here you can create a chain of loyal customers as well.


There are many other benefits of exhibiting personalized sneakers at events and displays, but these three really stand out and their effects can be easily noticed when the strategy is properly implemented.



original business presents

6 Original Business Presents That Will Help Increase Your Sales

There are several ways to increase your business sales. While most of them are apparent, a few are quite subtle. An example of these are original business presents. These unique gifts that you give your customers and clients can contribute to the growth of your business more than you could imagine. Here are some suggestions that we have for original presents you can give out at any time of the yea.


Water Bottles

Nobody can do without drinking water in a day. Including your customers of course. With this in mind, water bottles can serve as a way of keeping you in the minds of customers, especially when they use the gift. Compared to other gifts, water bottles are original business presents because you’re sure that the recipients would use them.

Gift Cards

Would you like to give your customers the chance to choose the kind of original business present they want? You can achieve that by giving them gift cards. It could be a gift card for purchasing items on Amazon or eBay. Or better still, give your customers a gift card to shopping from your own business if yours is one that sells multichoice and interesting products.

Personalized shoes from

People love personalized shoes, especially millennials. Your business can key into this by gifting its customers with personalized shoes and make it an original business present. A great place to get this would be from make your business stand out by making your customers stand out.

Exclusive Dinners

Is there a new restaurant opening in town? Reserving seats for them can be a cool gesture that they’d never forget. (You can do well to ensure that the restaurant makes good food). You don’t want to be the bringer of a bad experience.

If you don’t have a very big budget, you don’t always have to arrange a dinner as an original business present. Alternatively, you could send in some small lunch orders. The kind that everyone loves. The kind that your customers will love too.

An outdoor event

What better way to show your customers appreciation than bringing them together with a well-organized party. It could be a party or a picnic. You decide which fits with your organization’s customers – if it should be stripped down or not.

A beautiful notebook

Notebooks are another set of gift items that be considered original business presents if it is well done. A beautiful looking notebook that is pleasing on the eye will leave customers not choice than to fall in love with it. And ultimately use it. Which also means it will keep you in their mind anytime they need a product or service that you offer.


While you don’t want to overdo it, original business presents are potential gate openers to the doors of your business sales. Decide which one you think is best and start making your customers happy today and see the impact on your brand as well.




corporate presents

Gifting your customers corporate presents for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and because it is that time of the year when everyone is practically giving gifts to one person of the other, you’re also faced with the huge task of giving gifts. Only that this time, you’re tasked with giving corporate presents. In case you don’t know already, corporate presents are delivered in a different kind of way and like some of your business decisions, require a level of thought. However, we’re making that decision much easier in this article.

How To Choose A Corporate Present

Here are some things to consider when choosing which corporate presents to give your customers during Christmas.

Forget marketing for a minute

Because you’re sending corporate presents doesn’t mean you have to be all marketing in your delivery. This is one of those times of the year when you can actually be a person, rather than a brand. You don’t want to send in branded items as gifts. You don’t want your presents having your logo all over them. Let your customers feel you like a real individual who is gifting them a Christmas present.

Be Memorable

The best gifts are those we can see and remember for a long while, regardless of their price. Your corporate present should be one that your customers see and be able to connect it to you every single time. Even if you’re not seeking brand resonance in that moment, you’d be getting it regardless. For the simple reason that your corporate present was more than a corporate present. It was a memorable gift.

Deliver a befitting gift

Remember we said, giving corporate gifts could be a daunting task when it comes to its decision making. Now, to make the process much easier, consider the reputation of your brand when choosing a gift. If you’re a luxury brand, it would be totally off to give your customers a gift that is below par – a low quality good. It is reasonable to give gifts according to your pockets but be sure that it is really according to your pocket. Remember that the customers didn’t ask you for gifts. It is you appreciating them for patronizing  you throughout the year.


Some Cool Ideas For Choosing A Corporate Present

There are several methods to adopt in delivering your corporate presents. Some ideas we find interesting are listed below:

  • A charitable event is one you can organize as a collective gift you can give your clients, allowing them to meet and interact with each other.
  • Gift baskets also allow you to give different gifts, especially when you’re spoilt for choice. Mixing them up can make the job a lot easier.
  • Unique clothing and shoes allow you to do something different. Because in truth, no one really expects you to give them a show as a corporate present. But it’s a perfect chance to surprise.

There are so many interesting ideas for giving your clients corporate presents for Christmas but these are some tips that we consider really cool. Adopting them may be just what you need to stand out this Christmas.

corporate sneakers

How HGM And IBIS Hotels succeed thanks to corporate sneakers

How HGM And IBIS Hotels Succeed Thanks To Corporate Sneakers

Unlike other official settings, hotels are organizations where the staff are always on their toes as mobility is key to getting the job done. This means that footwear like heels may be uncomfortable and serve as an hindrance to people doing their work. The answer to this, especially for HGM and IBIS hotels, lies in the use of corporate sneakers.

Here are some reasons why corporate sneakers are important to organizations like this.

Corporate sneakers are safer

With high heels and other type of shoes, it easy to trip or fall in an hotel. As it is, injuries from these falls contribute to majority of the injuries suffered by people in service employment. A simple way to reduce this is through corporate sneakers which are flat and comfortable and allows easy movement for anybody wearing them.

Boosts work performance

The role of shoes in carrying out the day-to-day activities in an hotel, or any organization for that matter, cannot be overemphasized. Wearing comfortable shoes like corporate sneakers ensure that your hotel staff perform better at their job. It takes them off the usual concentration on their feet that comes with wearing shoes that stress them.

Simple, yet professional

How you present your staff to your hotel customers matters a lot. Asides from their service delivery, their professional outlook says a lot about your hotel as a brand. Corporate sneakers offer you the chance to give your staff comfort without compromising on their professionalism. This is because customers are able to form opinions quickly from the slightest of things. You also want to keep in mind that a bunch of your customers come from online booking sites, where they go back to leave reviews after staying at the hotel.

To ensure that your staff aren’t the reason they would be leaving negative reviews, you should consider making corporate sneakers a thing at your hotel.



Great Brands take a stand for customization

It is increasingly common that fashion firms, whether prêt-à-porter or haute couture, offer the possibility of customizing some of their products as an extra service for their clients.