How it started

It all started from an advertising & communication agency, when a Colla de Castellers (human towers) asked to customize sneakers with their colours for their team. Thanks to this project Guillem, with his design agency, the help of his father Josep, with over 40 years of experience in the world of footwear, create BrandYourShoes a new start-up from Barcelona that produce unique customize sneakers.
The business grew, and the Internationalization came from the help of Ferran the other owner of the Company, with a big experience on International markets.
BrandYourShoes sneakers are originals with high quality and representing a big innovation in a fashion and branding Industry.
BrandYourShoes offer the possibility of full customization sneakers for companies and groups.

The Human Towers are the best example of teamwork that exists, this is our spirit.

More about The Human Tower

Els Castellers, or human towers, are one of Europe’s most genuine and unique cultural displays. Under the traditional Catalan motto of “Força, Equilibri, Valor i Seny” (Strength, Balance, Courage, Common Sense and Calmness), els Castellers are an excellent way of showcasing Catalonia to the world.


Watch closely, or better yet, participate in a performance of Castellers is a unique and exciting experience. It conveys how the individual joins in the collective struggle to improve, in the effort to achieve a goal, the solidarity and spirit of cooperation among people of all ages, conditions and capabilities. All under one common goal, a group that breathe in unison as a single soul.