What does it means “Full logo customization”?

We are able to customize your sneaker by putting on it your logo or artworks. You can choose the colours and the materials. We impress it using techniques such as: embroidery, leather cuts, digital printing , 3D printing, hot-branding. Our design department, select for each design the most appropriate technique. We are the only company that allow you put your logo in multiple positions ensuring optimum visibility. You’ll be free to give vent to your creativity, finally at your disposal a full customization!

How many models do you produce?

We offer 4 urban and modern sneakers.

How much they cost?

Prices depend on model and quantities. Our Sales Department can inform you.

What’s your MOQ (Minimum order quantity)?

Our production starts from only 30 pairs. After the first order, you can reorder from 25 pairs.

What’s your lead time?

Delivery takes 35-45 days from design approval day.

Can I order again an already purchased shoe?

Once you do your first order, you can order it again starting from 25 pairs of the same model and design.

How can I pay my online order?

You can pay by credit card or through PayPal system.

How much the transport costs?

We have a wide range of logistics services that allow us to send our products to virtually anywhere in the world. Shipping costs depend on the country of delivery and are excluded from the price of the shoe. Our commercial department will inform you.

How can I get a discount?

Buy in bulk: the more you order, cheaper price you’ll get!
Our prices scale up till 200 pairs. Over 200 pairs you’ll have a personalized quotation.

What should I use the sneakers for?

Customized sneakers could be part of the staff uniform, during fairs and events, or a corporate gift for your employees or for clients. They’re perfect for clubs as a subscriber’s gadget or the personnel uniform, to dress up students or university sport team. And why not, you may create your own unique collection of shoes, or provide a symbol of unity to your group of friends with whom you share a special hobby.

How can I decide the right foot-size?

We produce EU sizes from 36 till 48. Special size for children 24 to 35, and 49 to 50 for “Classic” model. Use our Size Converter to know what’s your foot-size.

Can I change the size of my shoes?

Once you confirm the size of your order, you can not edit or make changes of size. Our products are tailor-made just for you.

Can I return a customized shoe?

Our products are tailor-made just for you. We can not accept returns except for quality reasons.

Technical guidelines

The best option to work perfect with our configurator is PNG with transparent background and at least 1080×500 px, If not you can use also PNG or JPG with white background, maybe your white background is not 100% white and it will not appear correctly on your sneaker design, don’t worry, comment us your troubles and we will solve it and show you your final design.

I don’t have my logo; can you help me creating it?

Our designers are at your disposal if you don’t have a logo or don’t know how to draw your shoe. We can help you create your corporate identity, by building your customization collaborating together.

How long my shoes are covered by warranty?

Our shoes have a 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects, starting from the day of purchase.

What materials do you offer to customize the shoes?

We have several options to combine the materials and customize your shoes. You can find available materials in our configurator: leather, nylon and cotton.

Can I choose the colours that I want?

In our configurator we offer a wide selection of colours to customize your sneakers. You can find available colours in the configurator. BrandYourShoes tries to show the colours on screen as close as possible to the real colours. However, the colour of the shoes may be subject to change depending on your computer monitor quality. For this reason, BrandYourShoes doesn’t guarantee that the colour shown on the monitor is an exact reproduction of the original.

I want to buy your costumize sneakers for kids.

We have avaiable models and sizes for kids. Contact with us and we are going to inform you abour how to do it. Kids models are not avaiable in our configurator page but we can adapt your design or we can propose you the design for the kids option. Contact us

How could my shoes be?

You can see some of our work on our Youtube Channel