Digital Enterprise Show Sneakers #DES2019SNEAKERS

The most important technology fair will take place this month in Madrid. The Digital Enterprise Show 2019 will take place from May 21 to 23. At Brand Your Shoes we have a reason to celebrate. We are once again part of one of the most important technological events. As happened at #4FYN and at MWC2019, Brand Your Shoes will be a special guest with their branded shoes. We will proudly be part of this fair with #DES2019SNEAKERS.

About Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid

DES is the leading global event dedicated to digital transformation. “Digital Enterprise Show is a place, where the synergy between knowledge and experience is achieved, where the new ways of making business, implementing new solutions and ideas arise.” They know how to define themselves very well and for us. It is an honor to be part of this exhibition that brings together more than 300 global top technology companies; 450 of the best digital experts in the world. An event where more than 21,000 visitors will learn about the technological advances of the companies. In addition to looking at what we do at Brand Your Shoes, as a company that has taken the digital transformation seriously.

# DES2019SNEAKERS the great contribution of Brand Your Shoes to DES

3 days of fair, an event that does not stop and that needs that many people. People that are working hard to be at the height of the place. To be truly comfortable, and easily recognized, with a spectacular corporate branding job, the entire event organization team will put on our customized sneakers. This is how we face the challenge #DES2019SNEAKERS. It is not a coincidence that major events and technology companies trust us to do a job that makes us proud. Due to our technological DNA, several important brands of the sector have already worn our custom branded shoes. Twitter, SurveyMonkey, Redhat, Odoo, Calldorado, among many other brands have understood the importance of being comfortable while elegantly carrying the corporate image on our feet. Not only the DES team will use our custom shoes, but also some of the guest speakers. And of course, Brand Your Shoes will have a stand in the entrance area of the conferences. We will proudly display our models, designed in Barcelona, handmade in Spain.

Branded Shoes, the best choice for events like #DES2019SNEAKERS

Fairs, congresses and all kinds of events are an important window to show everyone what we are, what we do and what we sell. On the one hand, this type of event requires a significant physical load. So, the people who organize them and those who are part of these should always be comfortable. And, on the other hand, by being a showcase to the world, we must show the best of our corporate identity. These fairs are the best place to apply corporate branding correctly. Our shoes are the first garment that someone sees when they look at our attire. Therefore, our branded shoes are ideal for a place where thousands of visitors will know your company. We identify with technology companies and that is why we are proud to attend the best events in this market in the world. We wait for you in DES-Madrid so that you know everything we can do for your company as with #DES2019SNEAKERS.