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Tech companies love sneakers!

Tech companies love sneakers! Of course, it is that tech companies have a more uncomplicated culture, which makes them more authentic. In recent years the pace of innovation and technological changes in companies have made these are more suited to the needs of customers. But, before taking care of clients, employees must be taken care of. Therefore, these companies go further with the comfort of their workers. Tech companies must be in continuous growth, innovation and change. This means that workers must be physically and mentally prepared to keep pace with our world. That is why they prefer sneakers. The sneakers give workers greater comfort and therefore greater performance. But this is not enough, these types of companies have understood the great power of branding. That is the reason why they prefer their customized branded shoes.

Benefits of branded shoes for tech companies

Comfort and freshness are important for workers. But not only that is the function of excellent branded shoes. Many times, your workers are the image of the company. That is why it is important that they are always showing the best of the company. Nothing better than sports shoes that show their sense of belonging to the company. Corporate identity increases and makes workers feel important. For technology companies, as for other companies, it is important to have a good corporate image. That is why many companies prefer Brand Your Shoes. A good work of branding, which highlights the values and corporate culture. All embodied in sneakers that your employees proudly wear. Employees who always will show security and confidence and who will feel very comfortable to perform their tasks at work.

Tech companies that chose us

There are already many companies that have dared to show their brand in an innovative way. Companies that express the best of themselves from their clothing. Companies that allowed themselves to be infected with an innovative spirit. With designs made in Barcelona and handmade sports shoes in Spain, these are some of the companies that already use their custom footwear. LetGo, Odoo, Alstom, Redhat, Sony, Calldorado, Survey Monkey, among others. What do these companies have in common? Its technological DNA, freshness and constant innovation make the difference. You might be interested: The KLM Amsterdam sneakers campaign Like these companies in the technology sector, your company can also have its branded shoes. Is your company ready to step hard and take a leap in branding? Sneakers fit perfectly with technology companies. What are you waiting for?

Brand Your Shoes, a company with technological DNA

At BYS we love technology. That is why we rely on technological tools to design and manufacture our Branded Shoes. Design your custom sneakers quickly and easily, know our online configurator here. We feel identified with these companies and that is why we seek alliances with the best companies in the sector. What’s cooler than being cool? Let this be one of the thoughts that lead you to use our Branded Shoes. We are ready for the changing world.