FLUVIA – Spain

Bringing light into the homes of the people is not a job for everyone, Fluvia (Spain) with dedication and elegance turned it into an art. BYS in marketing is concerned to bring a fresh design by customizing shoes that represent the essence of the companies. The meeting of two artists gave birth to a new creation. www.fluvia.com


Expedia Affiliate Network – USA

A great experience designed the personalized sneakers for Expedia Affiliate Network (USA), one of the most important support for airlines, online travel agencies and retailers that want to grow and be connected directly with the customers. www.ean.com


Pro Linguis – Switzerland

Since 1955 the passion for teaching foreign languages has led Pro Linguis (Switzerland) to grow and create a wonderful network. BYS immediately accepted to collaborate with an international company such as this, designing sneakers young and dynamic. www.prolinguis.ch


Cool ‘N Fresh – Netherlands

Fresh fruit is the aim of Cool ‘N Fresh (Netherlands) a company that believe in a world without boundaries, you can get the best fruit by sourcing it from where it grows best. We have worked with pleasure to their customized shoes because we share their broad and limitless vision. They show their new sneakers at Fruit Attraction (Spain). www.coolfresh.nl



One of the oldest soccer clubs in Spain, with an honourable past and present and a family of fans nourished. The result was the idea of creating a line of custom shoes on behalf of RCD Espanyol who serve as their summer collection, man size and child size. www.rcdespanyol.com

BYS (3 de 22) - 24M


Acustica Medica (Portugal) contacted us in order to create a shoe that would reflect their value, reliability and determination. The BYS team, that shares these virtues, has created a sneaker from strong colours and features, so as to realize a piece with a unique personality.